Jay Howell and Slow Culture Discuss Their Sprawling Show 'Playboys & Girls'

Jay Howell and Slow Culture Discuss Their Sprawling Show ‘Playboys & Girls’

This Friday, L.A. gallery Slow Culture will open the doors of its Chinatown space to unveil Playboys & Girls, a month-long celebration of groundbreaking art and Playboy culture. The show’s eclectic but organic lineup of 20-plus established and emerging artists ranges from skateboarding legend-cum-painter-photographer Ed Templeton to folk illustrator Stacey Rozich to Playmate Brook Power (Miss May 2016). The wild mashup is what you get when you combine the visions of curator Jay Howell—mastermind of the quirky visual worlds of Bob’s Burgers and Sanjay and Craig—and Steve Lee and Fred and Max Guerrero, three L.A. natives who, since 2013, have been using Slow Culture as a vehicle for making good art accessible. We spoke with Howell, the Guerrero brothers (who also operate Chinatown’s no-frills burger haven Burgerlords and a surprisingly popular beef-focused Tumblr) and Lee (a photographer, former Arkitip contributor and friend of the Guerreros since high school) over…