With 'Jason Bourne,' the Billion-Dollar Franchise Suffers Its Own Amnesia

With ‘Jason Bourne,’ the Billion-Dollar Franchise Suffers Its Own Amnesia

We’re now four Matt Damon movies deep into the billion-dollar Bourne franchise (Damon does not appear in 2012’s Bourne Legacy), and in this one, lazily titled Jason Bourne, the amnesiac ex-assassin and CIA target has already regained his memory. With that major plot knot unraveled, what’s left to give another Bourne movie snap and resonance? Not all that much, apparently—but did you miss the bit about this being a billion dollar global franchise?  So this time, the script co-written by director Paul Greengrass with Christopher Rouse (Captain Phillips) finds Bourne living (again) way, way off the grid, supposedly trying to keep a low profile so that the CIA won’t find him and yet making a spectacle of himself as a brutal bare-knuckle fighter on the border of Albania and Greece.  When his old sort-of romantic interest and undercover bird-of-a-feather Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles) tracks him down, we learn that she’s uncovered long-suppressed information about who killed…