Texas's New Abortion Law is a Harbinger of Trump's America

Texas’s New Abortion Law is a Harbinger of Trump’s America

On Monday, Texas officially approved a law requiring healthcare providers to bury or cremate aborted fetuses, rather than disposing of them along with other biomedical waste. The law, which was introduced in July and met with outrage from reproductive rights advocates, will go into effect on December 19. In March, Indiana Governor-turned Vice President-elect Mike Pence signed a similar law in his home state. At the time, the Indiana law was a backward, absurd outlier. It was disturbing and outrageous, but it was also so far out of left field that those of us outside of Indiana could mostly just shake our heads at it. It seemed unreal, like the Alabama law that allows lawyers to represent fetuses in court, or the North Carolina law that actually requires middle school teachers to teach the outright lie that abortions lead to future miscarriages. When a federal judge prevented the Indiana law from going into effect, it seemed we would be able to put the failed absurdity…