Who Says a Lamborghini Huracan Can't Be a Skimobile?

Who Says a Lamborghini Huracan Can’t Be a Skimobile?

Jon Olsson is one of the world’s best freestyle skiers. He has won numerous Winter X Games medals and invented progressive tricks like the Kangaroo Flip, a double flatspin 900 rotation. But he is also known outside the ski community for his ridiculously lavish car collection. Olsson recently revealed the latest addition to the stable, a Lamborghini Huracan, and it is unlike any other Lambo you’ve seen. Olsson added a supercharger to the Huracan LP610-4 that can boost the output to 805 horsepower, although he claims his is “quite a bit more extreme.” There are also upgrades to the exhaust, air intakes and brakes. But perhaps what makes this Lamborghini, and all of Olsson’s cars, stand out the most is the custom snow camo wrap job and the prototype cargo box from 56 Nord. “Most people think I am crazy that [I] put ski boxes on Lambos, but since I am going to use this and drive around in the alpes [sic] all winter I need space for my skis!,” Olsson says. This is not Olsson’s…