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Miss June 2012

Amelia Talon


  • Eye ColorBrown Eyes
  • Hair ColorBrunettes
  • Birthdate01/05/90
  • HometownSeattle, Washington, United States
  • TitlesMiss June 2012
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About Amelia Talon

Amelia Talon has changed the face of nerdom one MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) vlog at a time. The avid gamer, who appeared in Playboy as Miss June 2012, has been known to fill her YouTube channel with an endearing mix of Legend of Zelda and World of Warcraft Let’s Play Videos, correspondence from E3 and relaxed commentary–all of which show that while she might pwn you at WoW, she’s always been a down-to-earth and approachable gamer.

Though Talon was digitally-driven when it came to gameplay and music (she has counted Benny Benassi, Nero, DeadMau5 and Skrillex as some of her favorite techno artists), her artwork is totally analog. The artist’s pen-on-paper illustrations have been rooted in the mythical and macabre–or what she’s called “creepy drawings"–while other creations have included graphic designs for neck tattoos that never were.

Known to host gamer fan art contests on her Twitter feed, wield a Pokemon pillow on flights, brake for muscle cars and send practical PSAs to the guys of the world, this Port Angeles, Washington native has always had game–even if (believe it or not) she claimed to have been unpopular in high school. She was the type of girl to rock a trenchcoat, combat boots and bridge piercing. And at one point she wore plugs in her ears and had a pierced septum (nose) as well.

After being spotted by Playboy Scouts and appearing as Co-ed of the Week in May 2011, the model continued to one-up her game, landing as a Hef-approved centerfold just one year later. Since joining the ranks of Playboy, Talon has continued to model, engage in the occasional cosplay (two things that she has said are “not at all that different”) and kill it both in front of the camera and behind the screen.