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Amy Schumer


  • Eye ColorBlue Eyes
  • Hair ColorBlondes
  • Birthdate06/01/81
  • HometownNew York, New York

About Amy Schumer

“Amy Schumer: The Biggest Potty Mouth in America.” “Amy Schumer on Telling a Good Rape Joke and Dressing Like a Newly Homeless Runaway.” “Amy Schumer’s Raucous Feminism.”

As a comedian who named her debut solo show Inside Amy Schumer, Amy’s not keeping much a secret. “I feel a responsibility to… represent myself and women in a truthful way, and in a way I can be proud of,” she told Elle. “It became a conscious decision, that goal of being unapologetic and speaking about sex and just what it’s like being a woman.”

She gets (almost) naked on camera, imitates orgasm, talks in a baby voice, and centers jokes around junk food and getting drunk and high. Fans—men and women alike—are responding. Since Inside Amy Schumer started airing on Comedy Central in 2013, Amy’s become a household name—buoyed by Trainwreck, the 2015 Judd Apatow movie she wrote and starred in.

“I’ve been working for a long time, but it feels like in the last two months it’s just gone crazy,” she told Glamour. “Women come up to me in the street and hug me. They’re very handsy. A guy tweeted me saying he loved me so much he wanted to eat my shit. I thought, ‘Eww!’ But I favorited it.”

TIME magazine listed her in their “Top 100 Most Influential People” in 2015. But what was she doing before all this? If you’re looking to catch up on pre-Inside Amy, beeline straight to her Last Comic Standing appearances or check out her 2009 commercial for Butterfingers—who knew they’d catch on early to her hotness?

When she’s not causing people to collapse in laughter (and outraging a few, for good measure, like when she appeared naked in bed with R2D2 and CP30 on the cover of GQ), Amy’s appearing on red carpets, sharing sneak-peeks behind-the-scenes of her shows on Instagram, and trying to be herself when she’s in L.A. “I mean, I don’t fit in here,” she said on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. “Just straight up body type. Like in L.A., my arms register as legs, and it’s like, ‘Why is that octopus out on Sunset?’”