In 2014, Killer Mike and El-P dropped Run the Jewels 2 to near-universal acclaim. These days they’re one of the most beloved hip-hop acts on the planet and Killer Mike has basically become an American folk hero. So how do you follow such a revolutionary album? By remixing it with cat sounds, that’s how.

Yes, Meow the Jewels is a thing, and it even has music videos. Today, RTJ released a video to accompany “Meowpurrdy,” an El-P remix of the RTJ 2’s lights-out opening track, “Jeopardy.” While the “All Meow Life” video was basically just a montage of viral cat stuff, and the “Oh My Darling Don’t Meow” video cast cute kitties as monsters destroying a tiny set with laser vision, the guys decided to go a little further this time. For “Meowpurrdy,” they got animator Cyriak to tell the mind-bending story of a shapeshifting cat monstrosity fighting an angel cat. No, really, it’s nuts.

Check out the video above, and try to forget that another hip-hop act released a song today attempting to defend his theory that Earth is flat.