Like many other agencies, we’ve heard the chatter—and it’s had us absolutely shaken and stirred. UK-based SkyNews, along with numerous fan sites, have been fueling rumors that the next James Bond coach will be a gasp FIAT 500?

Sure, some of you millennials out there are thinking “What’s the big deal—who drives cars anymore?” And we swoon over the gritty, realism Daniel Craig and EON Productions have brought to the last three films. But a Fiat econobox as the four-wheeled supporting actor? Sure, the 500 is a fine car for college coeds and artisanal coffee roasters, but not for the most kick-ass British special agent since Roger Moore. Might as well have 007 order up shots of Fireball while you’re at it.

But then, a semi-confidential transmission—directly from our friends at Aston Martin—came over the wire, and all was right with the world. Meet the DB10: Not only is it confirmed as 007’s next automotive co-star, it’s been specifically created for the next big-screen installment, November 2015’s Spectre.

Unveiled across the pond at Pinewood Studios, Aston Martin’s latest stunner celebrates a 50-year relationship with the Bond empire that started with the iconic DB5. Little else is known about the fresh, radiant, sports coupe—aside from the announcement that only ten examples of it will be built.

Given the fact that a “smart gun” is the wildest technology MI6’s new hipstery Q has brought to the table, we don’t expect the DB10 to be the adaptive camo-cloaked, heavily strapped Vanquish from Die Another Day, but we’re ok with that; just like we’re now ok with the dually-confirmed 500, which will get its shine in a secondary chase scene through Rome. Forgive us, little Fiat!

Now about that Rihanna rumor…