What’s that? You’re done with Thanksgiving and ready to participate in the orgy of spending and mall-centered violence that is Black Friday? You're… not? That’s why we’re here—to provide an alternative to the traditional Black Friday spending spree with a list of 10 streaming movies and shows that share that darkest of colors in their title. Sit back, grab some leftovers and reassess your place in the world with the 10 features below.

Not a movie about Marvel’s super spy, but instead something that stays closer to the roots of the title, as one forensic scientist becomes obsessed with a series of seemingly unrelated deaths by natural causes. What could link them? Oh, I don’t know, maybe look at the title of the movie.

Perhaps a little too close to home these days, but once upon a time, the idea that anyone could be as comically horrific during a political campaign without it being automatically disqualifying was the root of this here Chris Farley comedy. Happier times…

What says “celebration of American consumerism” more than a movie about the impossible challenges of the American military? OK, there’s also a thread of what the American military will do to rescue its men, but still—this isn’t a movie where everything goes to plan, to say the least.

Based on real-life events, this award-winning movie might share a name with the shopping extravaganza, but it’s actually about the aftermath of a Bombay bombing that killed more than 250 people. Hardly the most obvious holiday fare, but a good and important movie just the same.

Continuing the accidental trend of inappropriate post-Thanksgiving viewing, Paul Verhoeven turns WWII into the backdrop for an elaborate revenge film as a Jewish woman infiltrates Nazi Germany with an eye on vengeance. Trashy and somewhat exploitative, but more fun than the earlier movies on this list.

BLACK MIRROR (2011-2016)
There’s something charmingly bleak about the way in which Black Mirror stories manage to twist the knife when it comes to our relationship with technology. Not only is it constantly revealed to be more unhealthy than we’d care to admit, but it’ll also happen in a story that shows that there’s only worse to come. Happy Black Friday, everyone!

Things really don’t go well for four tourists who end up watching a pagan ritual during a European jaunt in this fantasy horror movie. Instead, they end up trapped in a fairy tale dimension where stories don’t have happily ever afters…

Concerned about U.S. healthcare and the way that system works (or doesn’t, as the case may be)? Then watching this documentary will probably only make things worse, as the inner workings of a local hospital are laid bare.

Sure, the black mamba is a killer snake with venom to kill anyone stone dead. But are we being too hard on the poor thing with our anti-killer snake prejudice? This natural history video argues that case, and might make you reconsider your feelings. But probably not enough to buy one.

BLACK OPS (2014)
As violent as things can get at the shopping malls on Black Friday, they could always be worse—a fact proven true on multiple occasions by the deadly military missions on display in this documentary series.