For months now, the trailers and the posters and the slushy cups have been demanding the answer to one not-so-simple question: Which side are you on? The promotion for Captain America: Civil War has drilled into us that “united we stand, divided we fall,” but united with who? Team Cap, with the dreamy Chris Evans in charge as super soldier Steve Rogers, or Team Iron Man, with Robert Downey Jr.’s none-more-snarky Tony Stark?

It’s all too much! These guys should be best friends, not pummeling each other at the end of a movie trailer. That’s why you could be forgiven for looking for an alternate taste of Captain America, Iron Man and friends in action, as provided by none other than Netflix. Sure, there’ll still be in-fighting—it’s the Marvel way—but will things come to quite as much of a head as Civil War? We hope not.

S1 E1/2: The Avengers Protocol Parts 1 & 2
To start with, the opening two episodes of Disney’s animated Avengers spin-off, which brings the team back together after the events of the original Avengers movie to deal with the lingering threat of one of Captain America’s most dangerous foes. Never mind superheroes falling out with each other; here’s a tale of them coming back together to deal with trouble. You know, like superheroes do.

S1 E14: T.A.H.I.T.I.
There’s no denying that the live-action TV spin-off from Avengers has been uneven at best, but this episode from the show’s first year—which revealed why Agent Coulson wasn’t dead, after we’d seen him killed by Loki—was a highlight, offering a brief glimpse into a moral ambiguity that the rest of the series would rarely be able to recapture in future episodes.

A straight-to-DVD team-up between the two heroes who find themselves torn apart in Civil War, this animated adventure is worth it for Clancy Brown’s Taskmaster—a villain who can mimic anyone’s physical abilities just by watching them—even if you’ve got no interest in the rest of the story. Brown is one of those actors whose voice can sell anything.

You might come for the idea of seeing the deadliest Avenger face off with the gun-toting vigilante who’s got no problem with killing anyone and everyone in his way, but you’ll probably stay for the animation provided by Japanese animation company Madhouse, which comes alive in ways that regular TV animation can rarely manage. Plus, you know, cameos from the Hulk, Thor, Iron Man and War Machine, amongst many others.

S2 E5: A Hen in the Wolf House
What single thing improved Agents of SHIELD considerably in its second year? Two words: Adrianne Palicki, whose Bobbi Morse was a breath of fresh air in a series wound up too tight for its own good. Brash, fearless and sexy, Morse felt as if she’d come from a different world altogether. Just watch her first appearance in this episode and you’ll be grateful she exists.

S2 E9: The Dark Avengers
Just in case you wondered whether Marvel’s superheroes could take the Justice League, given that everyone is all about inter-superhero fights these days, here’s the closest you’ll get anytime soon: an alternate version of the Justice League taking on an evil version of the Avengers. Blame Tony Stark, of course; it’s always his fault.

S3 E2/3: The Avenging Spider-Man Part 1 & 2
Years before Civil War brought Marvel’s wall-crawling web head into events, the animated incarnation of the Marvel Universe made him a fully-fledged Avenger in this opener to the third season of the kid-friendly superhero show, with Spidey and the Avengers being the only thing to stand between humanity and an invasion from Asgard. Why aren’t the Thor movies this fun?

S2 E14: Crack in the System
Never mind fistfights over Bucky; for some versions of the Avengers, it takes an apocalyptic-level event to force a schism between Captain America and Iron Man. Take this episode of the animated series, which uses Ultron to drive a wedge between the two. Think of it as a combination of Age of Ultron and Civil War, but a lot shorter.

S2 E17: Secret Avengers
What does Captain America do when he’s not an Avenger? Why, he runs around with an entirely different team of Avengers, according to this animated take on events, except that this second team is far more about the spying and the doing what SHIELD tells them… which, obviously, is not going to end well.

S3 E16: S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy
Turns out, it’s not like you can just sign up to be an Avenger and that’s the end of it, as Spider-Man discovers when he has to go back to school in order to be the best good guy he can possibly be. But is any amount of superheroing worth more homework?