Podcasts are for cool young people and if you don’t listen to them you are a grumpy old coot. It’s time to admit it, you’re becoming out of touch, technology is passing you by, and you are turning into the kind of person who writes letters to the newspaper. Stop the madness before you blink and find yourself wearing pants with pleats and having an opinion about bylaws. Let me teach you about some good podcasts that will fix you.


The McElroy brothers are not experts at giving advice… but they ARE experts at GIVING COMEDY!!! These little sweeties are the Bee Gees of the podcasting world. Join them every week as they try to answer questions written by the lunatics on Yahoo answers. Sometimes they eat too much spaghetti and get all riled up just like my brother and me.

Rating: One million cookie points.


I would like to preface the following be saying that I do not work for Paul F. Tompkins, he is not paying me, I’ve never met or spoken to him… Paul F. Tompkins is a puckishly handsome bon vivant who was born when laughter first touched a mountain. I don’t think anybody works harder than PFT but I also don’t think anyone has more fun. This show is pretty new, but his other podcasts, The Dead Authors Podcast and The Pod F. Tompkast are both so amazing that I can’t help but recommend it.

Rating: We’re just lucky to have him.


When other shows are wrapping it up, Todd Glass is just getting ready to start the real show. He’s a professional, damn it. If a bit is going to be done, then it’s going to be done right, even if that means the podcast takes three hours. The show is great every week thanks to a nice mix of more serious conversations worked in from time to time that really makes the funny even funnier. Plus jingles, so many jingles.

Rating: George Carlin giving two thumbs up from heaven.


Pauly, Zooks, and J.D watch a terrible movie every week and then try to figure out what went wrong, usually with a comedian or someone connected to the movie somehow. Entertaining to listen to even if you haven’t seen the movie of the week because all three of the hosts are professionally funny. The “second opinions” segment is particularly hilarious when they read glowing reviews from Amazon written by people who are coo-coo bananas.

Rating: June actually kind of liked it.


I’m probably biased because I’m Canadian, and Canadas run the media, but I think these two Vancouver-based funnyboys make one of the best pods available in the castmosphere. Dave, Graham, and possible guest, serve as your #1 source of Hulk Hogan news and drunk-dials every week. A great way to learn about up-and-coming comedians and how Canadians say certain words.

Rating: Don’t give it a pass.


“Dana Gould leaves you wanting more,” a sentence uttered by no woman ever. Dana would like that joke because he has a good sense of humor. You would know that for yourself if you listen to his show, you ungrateful wretches. Every few weeks Dana puts together a mix of interviews, insightful essays about the history of Hollywood, and stories from his own life. I wish the show was every week, but something about only getting it once a month makes it that much more fun to listen to.

Rating: We’re cool if you’re cool.


CBB isn’t much of a secret anymore with an IFC television currently in its 4th season, but it would be an oversight to leave them off this list. The show has been important in shaping the current comedy scene and the impressive back catalogue features an almost complete list of the funniest people in show business. The first podcast I listened to and still one of my favorites.

Rating: I’m sorry, the floor wasn’t open for questions, I’m going to have to dock you some points.


I don’t know if there is anyone on earth who could make me listen to a commercial other than DT. He’s so funny, strange, and brilliant that a 15-minute speech about how soft a Sure Design t-shirt is can make you giggle. Duncan interviews the most diverse group of people out of any of these podcasts and it makes his show one of the most fascinating to listen to week in and week out. He’s like if bugs bunny was into taking ayahuasca.

Rating: One of the best uses for your meatbody.


I don’t even know if I should recommend this because it might mess your brain up. Superego is almost impossible to explain, it’s the weirdest show on this list in the best possible way. It’s like a sketch-comedy fever dream, or if you did mushrooms at an improv theater. The show is only released a few times a year, but each episode is worth listening to a few times, and the previous seasons are worth spending actual real money on.

Rating: I don’t dis-love you.


Nothing makes me happier than listening to Bryan Safi and Erin Gibson. They are comedy angels made of gold and rubies. With nationally beloved characters like “big teeth small mouth” and “Yarn Tethers” these two sweethearts will have you laughing on the bus and embarrassing yourself in front of cool people who have ripped-up jeans. They cover current events connected to LGBTQ and women’s rights, and interview some of the most interesting people from those communities. It’s the perfect mix of silly and serious and if you don’t like it we can’t be friends.

Rating: No shade.

Nate is a comedy writer based in Canada. Follow him on Twitter right now: @thenatewolf