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The 10 Coolest Places to Go Hiking This Summer

The 10 Coolest Places to Go Hiking  This Summer: Photo by Emil Myrsell/Flickr

Photo by Emil Myrsell/Flickr

If you’re going to be sweating and miserable this summer, you might as well be outside doing something meaningful. All over the world there’s incredible hiking spots that are much better to see in person than staring at them on Instagram from the couch (I promise).

If you’re planning a summer vacation, or even one in early September, consider a hiking and camping trip to one of these 10 locations across the globe.

Photo  by [Béatrice Karjalainen/Flickr](

Photo by Béatrice Karjalainen/Flickr

Kungsleden, known as the “The King’s Trail,“ is Sweden’s picturesque 275-mile trail that takes you through thick forests and icy glaciers. Not saying you need to hike all 275 miles, but doing a weekend hike and camp trip there is 100 percent worth it.

Photo by [Keith Cuddeback/Flickr](

Photo by Keith Cuddeback/Flickr

One of America’s greatest national parks has some of the best hiking trails. One of the coolest hikes to try there is any that follows the Colorado River, considering you can always take a quick dip in it. Okay yes, it’s probably hot as hell in Arizona during the summer, but that’s why these bad boys were invented.
Photo by [Alex Berger/Flickr](

Photo by Alex Berger/Flickr

I’ve had quite a few friends rave about recent hiking trips through the Patagonia Mountains, which run through both Argentina and Chile. The famed Los Glaciares National Park is simply magical, and its trails take you to everything from wooded forests to larger than life glaciers.
Photo by [Charles Pieters/Flickr](

Photo by Charles Pieters/Flickr

Hike through the ancient Jordanian city of Petra and you’ll have everyone completely jealous. Besides the fact that you’ll feel like you’re in a real-life version of Game of Thrones, you’ll be able to hike to the ancient building of El Deir which is carved entirely out of the surrounding rock.
Photo by [Peter Liu Photography/Flickr](

Photo by Peter Liu Photography/Flickr

A hiking list wouldn’t be complete without Yosemite on it. With gorgeous waterfalls, giant cliffs and ancient sequoias along hiking paths, you’ll never stop taking pictures. And Yosemite Village offers that much needed post-hike drink you’ll be craving.
Photo by [Keith Cuddeback/Flickr](

Photo by Keith Cuddeback/Flickr

It’s not the easiest place to get to (a jumper plane and small ferry might be required), but Homer’s natural beauty is worth the travel time. Trek along the many hikes of Kachemak Bay, which gives you both scenic views of land and sea. And yes, seeing a moose or two along the way is pretty standard on one of these hikes.
Photo by [Alexander Shchukin/Flickr](

Photo by Alexander Shchukin/Flickr

Our friendly northern neighbors offer much more to us than just decent hockey, Trailer Park Boys and Drake. The Canadian Rockies are one of the most stunning mountain ranges, and offer some of the most dramatic wilderness in North America. So as you can imagine, hiking through it is going to be pretty epic.
Photo by [MyBukit/Flickr](

Photo by MyBukit/Flickr

Most of you probably had to look at where Kosovo even is on a map, but I promise you from experience it has some of the most incredible hiking trails in southeast Europe. You’ll find shepherds, fields of wild flowers and lakes hiking through the Sharr Mountain range, proving the Balkans have a lot more going on than you think.
Photo by [Ævar Guðmundsson/Flickr](

Photo by Ævar Guðmundsson/Flickr

Traveling to Iceland is incredibly in right now, and it’s easy to see why. But hiking through the 700,000 old stratovolcano of Snæfellsjökull is where you need to be. With a glacier covering its summit and hills of green for miles, you’ll never want to leave.
Photo by [Weldon Kennedy/Flickr](

Photo by Weldon Kennedy/Flickr

This 70-mile walking track in New Zealand lets you get a little tropical on your hike. You’ll be able to see the separations of the deep blue waters of Queen Charlotte and its forest-packed hills.

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