Grand Theft Auto V has been around a while now, but thanks to its next-gen remastering, its eventual PC release and the fact it’s ridiculously huge, it still feels as fresh as ever, with endless random things to do.

Even if you’ve explored Los Santos for dozens of hours, though, you’ve probably spent way too much time playing tennis in the game or visiting virtual strip clubs. For a change of pace, here are some activities that are just a little bit crazier.

Helicopters are super fun to use in Grand Theft Auto V. They’re a little fiddly to control, but in terms of views and simple exploration, it’s great to take a ride.

They also let you do cool things like land on the Atomic Blimp. The Blimp itself is more agile than you’d ever expect, so it’s going to take you a few attempts but it’ll be worth it. The views will make you want to hammer that screenshot button before you decide to call it for the night and jump off. This is one of those moments where you’re going to hope you’ve got a parachute on you, but hey, it’ll be a cool death anyhow, right?

You can do a lot with a jerrycan full of fuel. So pick one up from the Ammu-Nation store or find one lying around, and go nuts.

Calm sorts can spell their name or draw a smiley face in fuel before setting it alight, but why stop there? You could play Pictionary with it alongside your friends, or for a more explosive touch, you can create your own ring of fire to jump through. Plus you can’t beat simply piling together a bunch of cars, creating a trail of gasoline, and setting it all alight. It’s the simple pleasures in life.

In newer versions of Grand Theft Auto V, you can collect peyote plants. You know what peyote means? Crazy hallucinogenic visions!

In this case, you find yourself in the body of a random animal. You’re able to move or fly around the game world, and you can interact with pedestrians and other animals. Plus, you can bark or meow, depending on the animal you’re inhabiting. For extra wacky points, fly over a restricted area as a bird and watch as you’re pursued just like a human being. You can get into firefights in four legged form too.

Del Pierro Pier is going to be pretty familiar to anyone who’s been to Los Angeles’s Santa Monica Pier. And that means there’s plenty of fun to be had here.

The pleasure pier gives you the chance to ride a ferris wheel as well as a rollercoaster. Based on the West Coaster at Pacific Park in Santa Monica, it’s a blast. You can even ride it with a friend taking in all the sights, just like on the real thing. Just don’t actually blow chunks afterward.

This is one of the hardest things to do IN GTA V, but also one of the coolest. Head to Fort Zancudo and you can steal the incredibly powerful Hydra jet. It’s got rockets and machine guns, plus it’s fast.

There’s a catch though—you have to break into an army base, and that’s tough. Survive the dozens of soldiers by throwing plenty of grenades or sticky bombs that way, then try to take off without being shot down by tanks or anti air defenses. Pro tip: Don’t take off until you’re on the edge of the base to avoid some of the missiles. Don’t expect to succeed first time, but stick with it, because there’s no cooler plane to have in your hangar than this.

Ok, this isn’t quite as cool as it sounds, but it does give you the rarest vehicle in the game. As Franklin, find Omega in Sandy Shores, then seek out the 50 pieces of a spaceship he requests. Once you’ve done that, you gain a neat achievement/trophy, but you also gain access to the Space Docker, a kind of moon-buggy craft.

It looks like something out of Tron, and it’s not great to drive, but it is practically indestructible. You can glide over short distances too.

When you’re playing alongside friends in GTA V Online, you’re mostly only restricted by your imagination. So go crazy. Steal planes and arrange an escort. Set up a heist. Do everything already listed here but en masse.

You know what else you could do that isn’t so crazy sounding but is great fun? Play golf or tennis with your buddies. Both games are really fun and surprisingly well-formed given they’re mini-games. Golf can easily rival Tiger Woods’s Golf and tennis reminds you of just how great Rockstar Games’s Table Tennis was back in the day.

For those wanting to truly embrace their psychopathic side, why not head to the top of a skyscraper and start sniping? You can fly up there and use a parachute to make your way to the roof, before manning a position and shooting indiscriminately. It’s a simple form of stress relief but just wait till your wanted level maxes out.

That’s when the police helicopters start heading your way and you find you can snipe the pilots too, knocking the helicopter out of the air and taking out a few more unsuspecting civilians. Just don’t question why it’s so much fun though. You might scare yourself.

Don’t expect this to go well, but you can go shark hunting. Take a jet ski or other watercraft and wait for a Great White to appear. They tend to appear more frequently at night, and you can always shoot them from your boat and kill them.

If you want to be really tough, try killing one with a knife while you’re in the water. It’s possible but exceptionally difficult to do. There’s an achievement for dying to one, fortunately.

So, this is awkward. Chop is such a loyal pooch that he’ll actually fetch a grenade for you if you mess up and throw one instead of a ball. Unfortunately for him, that almost always ends in a fiery death for the Rottweiler.

Expect to feel pretty guilty when this happens, almost uncomfortably so given how little you cared about killing pedestrians five minutes earlier.

Doesn’t that just about sum this game up though?

Jennifer Allen is a freelance writer based in not-so-sunny Wales. She’s been gaming for over 20 years and cites Final Fantasy VII and Goldeneye as “life-changing.” Jennifer has written for outlets such as,, and In her free time, she pretends she knows what she’s doing at the gym.