While 10 Cloverfield Lane may not be a direct sequel to the original J.J. Abrams-produced Cloverfield, the two movies share one important thing in common: scary monsters (although Cloverfield lacked super-creeps, even if 10CL has a genuinely unsettling John Goodman).

With that in mind, perhaps the best way to prepare for the new movie is to sit yourself down and do some research into how best to deal with cinematic beasties. Here, then, are ten movies to act as your core curriculum. Watch, learn and then make some plans about how to deal with the inevitable creature apocalypse that’s just around the corner.

THE RELIC (1997)
Type of monster: Everyday human mutated by ancient fungi, which just goes to show why archaeology is a terrible idea. Don’t even get me started on mummies.
Run, fight or die?: Run, unless close to an extremely powerful fire, in which case burn that mother/mutated-scientist-who-didn’t-know-better down.

THE HOST (2006)
Type of monster: Unknown aquatic creature mutated by radioactive materials dumped by mankind, because ha ha science will kill us all.
Run, fight or die?: Fight if you happen to have the might of the military behind you. Otherwise, running is probably a safe bet.

Type of monster: Extra-terrestrial threat which hitched a ride on a NASA probe. See earlier comment about the problem with science.
Run, fight or die?: Die, given the sad fate of those appearing in this movie.

Type of monster: The clue is right there in the title: they’re trolls. And not the kind you find on social media wanting to tell you why that opinion you didn’t actually share is wrong and by the way you’re also ugly and stupid.
Run, fight or die?: Sad to say, the answer seems to be “die.” I mean, “hunt” is theoretically an option, but it didn’t seem to work out so well in the movie.

Type of monster: Once again, read the title of the movie. They’re sea dragons, mysterious giant sea creatures causing disaster to boats and shipping traffic. Except they’re actually just one man who’s not well.
Run, fight or die?: Judging by the events of this movie, the best option is actually “find a beautiful woman to distract, and then deduce the solution to the mystery and cure said sick dude.” So… fight, I guess…?

Type of monster: None other than the classic monster of myth, the chupacabra (which literally translates as “goat sucker,” in case you weren’t already aware of that wonderful fact).
Run, fight or die?: First, ask yourself this question: are you a goat? If so, then run or else you’re going to get sucked. If no, then you should probably run as well, because who wants to fight a creature that sucks goats for fun?

ANIMAL (2014)
Type of monster: It’s entirely unclear, beyond the fact that it likes killing people and is very good at what it does. It's… a mutated dog-thing, maybe? A werewolf? A… something?
Run, fight or die?: Going purely on the evidence of this movie, you’re going to die. Sure, you can try fighting or running, but you’re going to die. And it’s going to be messy.

Type of monster: An almost Doctor Who-esque creature that is unstoppable and deadly… unless it’s dealing with some kind of artificial light source. You’ll never go outside without a flashlight ever again.
Run, fight or die?: If you’ve got your iPhone with you, then run as long as your flashlight and battery last. If you’ve got access to some kind of floodlighting, then hell: fight the damn thing.

Type of monster: An ass-blaster. No, I’m not making that up; that’s really the name given to the sand worms that inhabit the Tremors franchise. (Well, one of the names; they’re also called “Graboids” and “Shriekers.” But those aren’t as fun as “ass-blasters”.)
Run, fight or die?: Fight like hell. As big and earthquake-causing as the creatures might be, the many movies in the franchise to date have proven that they’re also very easy to explode with the right equipment.

STUNG (2015)
Type of monster: Giant killer wasps. That’s not a joke; they’re regular wasps that have become mutated to be about 7-foot-tall. So, you know, if you have allergies, this could be a problem.
Run, fight or die?: They’re giant killer wasps. Even with the best bug spray in the world, that sounds like a problem. Run like the wind (and hope that there is a strong wind to keep them at bay).