In the moment, some movies can feel like they have the perfect ending. The problem with so many movies is that, when you take a step back and think about it for a few minutes, there are often giant plot holes that ruin the entire film. I’m all about turning your brain off and enjoying a mindless action film, but when something is supposed to be taken seriously and gives us an ending that’s completely insulting; it’s not good times. Here are ten endings sullied by terrible plot holes. Obviously this is loaded with spoilers, so if you haven’t seen any of the movies, just know that the ending is about to be ruined.

As crazy as it seemed when Bruce Willis finally realized he was dead, it didn’t really make sense. I mean, he’s a child psychologist that watches kids and waits until no adults are around to treat them? Did he never discuss the results with his mom or any sort of billing? Also, how are we supposed to believe that he walked around every day with no one acknowledged his existence and he didn’t become the least bit suspicious?

If we’re supposed to believe that all of these movies take place in the same universe, then why is it when the entire world is about to be destroyed, none of the other Avengers show up to help? You’re telling me the global threats in Iron Man 3, Thor 2, and Captain America 2 aren’t important enough for any of the other big names to show up and assist?

I know this is a kid’s movie, but what sort of awful, horrible judge would think for a second that an appropriate punishment for a man convicted of drunk driving would be to supervise a group of young children all on his own? What terrible parents would drop their kids off to practice with this guy?

I can accept the idea of time travel or even a teenager that wants nothing more out of life than hanging out with a borderline insane old man every day, but do you really expect us to believe that George McFly would hire Biff, the man that tormented him most of his life and tried to rape his wife and the mother of his children, to clean their cars? I’m sure Loraine felt quite comfortable walking out to her car every day knowing he could be lurking.

The premise for The Purge sounds interesting enough, but it’s such a ridiculous movie. First of all, why on earth would one day of consequence-free crime per year cause all crime to stop? I get that it’s eliminating the bottom class, but am I supposed to believe two guys would get in a heated fight and vow to settle their dispute in 217 days on the next purge? Also, who are these idiots that had an entire year to plan their murder spree and the best thing they can come up with is to walk down the street with a knife or a gun? Instead of killing, why not rob some stores for their valuables? If you really want to kill someone, just burn their house down. There are an infinite amount of better things to do besides stroll down the boulevard with a pistol.

I bought a new Macbook recently and it took over a day and the purchase of a new cord to copy my data from my old one to the new one. If you’ve ever tried to open a PC program on a Mac, or vice versa, you know it’s beyond a complicated and sometimes impossible process. That’s why it’s so absurd to believe that Jeff Goldblum could hack into the aliens’ network and easily uploads a virus. I have an easier time believing he could teach my mom how to use html coding.

This shouldn’t ruin a fantastic movie like Shawshank Redemption for you, and has been brought up many times, but please explain to me how Andy was able to climb into his homemade tunnel and hang up his Rita Hayworth poster while inside the wall? That may be the greatest feat of all.

Let’s ignore the fact that Kevin’s mom spent the entire movie traveling across the world like a vagrant for no reason whatsoever. Her family arrives mere seconds after her just by waiting for the next flight. My biggest issue is the absolutely unexplainably bad police work done by the officer checking on the house when Kevin’s mom tells them a child has been abandoned. He knows this child could be injured or dead, so he goes to the door, knocks a few times, then tells them to count their kids again. Are you kidding me? All she would have to do is call back and get a responsible officer and it would have been taken care of. No more mac and cheese dinners and no more attempted murders by the Wet Bandits.

The robots realize that all they have to do is destroy John Connor and they’ll win the war against humanity. So what’s their solution? Let’s send back a single robot to eliminate the future leader of mankind. Why not send back a dozen? Or better yet, why not just have one that’s full of explosives and, as soon as it’s in the same building as John Connor, it can self destruct and take out the entire city block. You’re a machine; there’s no need for hand-to-hand combat. Pull a drone strike on him.

This one was actually pointed out by Ben Affleck in the DVD commentary. The plot of the movie is that a giant asteroid is headed towards earth and the only way to stop it is by quickly training a group of drillers to become astronauts. Wouldn’t have made a little more sense to train a group of astronauts to use drills? I’m no employee of NASA, but operating a drill seems to be a little less complex than learning how to properly navigate outer space.