This Friday, it’s the end of the world as we know it. Oh, wait. I meant, it’s the end of the Barack Obama Presidency. Yes, at 9am Eastern on Friday, January 20, the reins of power pass to Donald John Trump for the next four years/until he gets impeached (Delete as applicable).

For many, though, the peaceful transfer of power isn’t something they’re going to be watching. Indeed, so many people on social media shared their alternate plans for the day that it became a trending topic. If you happen to be one of those who’d rather be doing anything else than tuning in to the ceremony, please find 10 opportunities for potential alternate happy places, courtesy of the Internet’s streaming avenues. (No, that’s not a Trump pee joke.)

When looking to escape reality, there’s little like science-fiction to make that happen. Especially sci-fi made in more innocent times, when all we had to fear was the threat of unstoppable killer cyborgs that wished to assimilate us. Those were the days…! Available on Netflix

Talking of those being the days, what makes Freaks and Geeks so effective is that the nostalgia on show isn’t sugar-coated, but honest enough to remember that there was a lot that was shitty about the past as well… which makes the sweetness all the more valuable. Available on Netflix

For those looking to fantasize about a positive government that cares about the people and wants to get things done for reasons other than “revenge” and “because I can,” there are literally years worth of episodes to revisit of Amy Poehler’s wonderful sitcom… Available on Hulu

THE VENTURE BROS (2003-2016)
What started out as a hilarious, silly parody of Jonny Quest somehow became one of the most well-considered — and most complicated — mythologies on television, while never stopping being funny. Why not see if it all makes more sense when binged? Available on Hulu

30 ROCK (2007-2012)
Workplace comedies don’t get that much better than Tina Fey’s sly media satire. Well, there’s Cheers, which is also available on Netflix, but does Cheers have songs about werewolf bar mitzvahs or the indisputable glory that is Dr. Spaceman? I rest my case. Available on Netflix

MISFITS (2009-2013)
A little-known gem from the UK, Misfits is for everyone who wished that the X-Men movies were sexier, more realistic and far, far funnier. What happens when you give five juvenile delinquents super powers? Mostly them fucking around and using them for their own gain, of course. Available on Hulu

KEY & PEELE (2012-2015)
Saying goodbye to the Obama Presidency by revisiting the men who created Obama’s anger translator might be a little too on the nose, but let’s be real: we’re entering a subtly-free era, so why not? Available on Hulu

THE WRONG MANS (2013-2014)
Part sitcom, part loving parody of Hitchcock thrillers, James Corden’s subsequent stardom might overshadow The Wrong Mans, but that would be a shame: funny, touching and exciting in ways you might not expect, this is well worth a visit. Available on Hulu

Proving that there was life beyond Parks & Rec, Aziz Ansari’s Netflix sitcom was wonderfully subtle, messy and fascinated by the inherent contradictions inside everyone, rather than supplying easy laughs. Hopefully, the show will return soon to address everything that’s happened in the last year or so. Available on Netflix

The big Netflix success of last year, and just the right length (and level of excitement) to distract you from anything else going on this Friday. How could anyone give a second thought to the new President knowing that Barb is still trapped in the Upside Down? Available on Netflix