After experiencing a slipped disc in his back two years ago, Wisconsin man Dale Decker developed Persistent Genital Arousal Syndrome, which makes him orgasm 100 times per day. The thirty-seven year old recently opened up to The Daily Mail about his condition, discussed how it has affected his relationship with his wife and children, and detailed how it is a relentless, painful, and humiliating problem.

It’s physically painful and in no ways pleasure, fun, or sexy. Decker says he and his wife no longer have sex and have to sleep in separate beds. He can’t bring his two sons to sports practice and games or play catch with them anymore. The most heartbreaking admission he makes is when he says, “Imagine being on your knees at your father’s funeral beside his casket—saying goodbye to him and then you have nine orgasms right there.”

Persistent genital arousal disorder was first diagnosed in 2001 and afflicts women, whereas priapism is more commonly used to describe the male version of this condition. In 2013, both were included in the DSM-5, so they are very real and recognized by the medical community.

The good news is that this condition is still quite rare, with around 7,000 recorded cases in the world. The bad news is that there don’t seem to be any treatments, cures or effective surgeries as of yet.

To make matters worse, the very sad reality is that suicide attempt rates are extremely high for people suffering from this disorder.

Hang in there, Mr. Decker.