The first full trailer for Hulu’s 11/22/63 is here, and it looks just as engaging and unsettling as you’ve hoped since last year when you heard that James Franco was to star in a miniseries about time-traveling through a closet to prevent President John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

Based on Stephen King’s eponymous bestseller (and executive produced by J.J. Abrams), Franco’s hero character of Jake Epping gets a little too attached to his life in the ‘60s while it’s explained to him, “The past doesn’t want to be changed. When you’re close to changing something, you feel it push back.” And that’s where all the chaos comes in.

Franco recently explained to the Television Critics Association why he was the narrative was so enthralling to him.

“I wasn’t alive when it happened, but it’s a big event.“ … "It’s sort of become, in a weird way, legend for my generation, where it feels like Marilyn Monroe or James Dean. But, in fact, it was this horrific event. I thought this story and approach was so great because it’s a fresh way in. We’re not exactly telling a history lesson.” … “You get to learn everything all over again, but from a completely fresh perspective we haven’t really seen before. It’s a way to guide a new generation into what happened.”