You probably know Jose Canseco from his baseball career, but he’s actually a duel threat—a homerun hitter and an insane person on Twitter. If you haven’t scrolled his timeline recently, you’re missing out on gems about space travel, eating your dog’s vomit and Alex Rodriguez, whom he constantly calls “bitch tits” for some reason. I am compelled to add that, although this is a humor post, the following four tweets actually did come from @JoseCanseco:

Now Canseco has set his sights on something completely different: overseeing the Federal Reserve. Earlier this week he tweeted, “Hey brother @realDonaldTrump give me control of the Fed and we will make the economy great again. Dow at 40k in 4 Years. #Yeswecanseco.” Given Trump’s choices so far, a Conseco appointment honestly wouldn’t be that surprising. So what would he do as head of the Federal Reserve? We put together some future tweets to help us think through this all too likely eventuality.