This Friday, Straight Outta Compton, the biopic that tells the story of legendary hip hop group N.W.A, hits theaters. Last week, to help promote the film, N.W.A. co-founder Dr. Dre’s company Beats launched “Straight Outta Somewhere,” an image generator that allows you to insert your own hometown into the film’s iconic logo, so you can post on Twitter that you’re “Straight Outta Brooklyn” or “Straight Outta Detroit” or “Straight Outta Dusseldorf.” The idea was that everyone would get to show some hometown pride and embrace their roots, much as N.W.A. did, but this being the internet, some people decided it would be more fun to use Straight Outta Somewhere for jokes.

You can decide for yourself which memes you like best just by heading to Twitter (or Instagram, or Tumblr) and searching the #StraightOutta hashtag, but these are my personal favorites, ranging from music to sports to movies to Prince (who is always his own category).

Chris Just Won.

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