When it comes to boss moves, Jaromir Jagr just pulled off one of that hardest ones I’ve ever heard of. As the story goes, this 18-year old model slept with the 43-year old hockey star. When they were finished, the older Jaromir was cleary tired and fell asleep. She took this as an opportunity to take a picture of the two of them in bed together. She then used that picture to blackmail him, asking for money or she’d release the image.

Jaromir simply responded “I don’t care”.

I mean, I don’t blame him. Her pitch was basically “give me money or I’ll tell everyone that you slept with a stunning, young model!” I’m surprised he didn’t tweet about it as it was happening, I know I would have.

The real cherry on top is that the girl ended up being the girlfriend of Czech National Junior Team defenceman Dominik Rudl. Ouch!

(via BroBible

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