There’s an art to making the perfect playlist. Creating one for those more intimate moments is no different. Below, 19 people come forward to confess where they or others have dropped the ball, in hilarious fashion and whether it was enough to ruin the moment.

1. Avant - “Making Good Love”

He told me he found it on one of his dad’s mix CDs which made me picture his parents having sex to it as well. - Kaylla

2. Lonely Island - “I Just Had Sex”

It didn’t turn me on, but sadly it didn’t turn me off either. - Kali

3. Jason Aldean - “Big Green Tractor”

We were at Stagecoach and someone had this on outside of our camper, unfortunately the guy I was with was more of a small John Deere mower. - Lindsey R.

4. Right Said Fred -“I’m Too Sexy”

She made me strip to this song, but I was repaid very well for my effort. - Jeff H.

5. Bloodhound Gang - “Bad Touch”

I actually started to sing along to it as well, he changed the song. I should’ve known we wouldn’t last long after that (pun intended). - Mara F.

6. Ginuwine - “Pony”

I wanted to have sex to that song since I heard it when I was 15. By the time I finally did, at 20, the song had become somewhat of a joke, laughed while in the act, mood killer. - Jamie C.

7. Ashanti - The whole CD

Well, 45 seconds of the first song. He never wanted me to play that album around him again. - Brit L.

8. Ylvis - “The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)”

He made the little fox noise while he was “downstairs” I’d just like to publicly thank the creators of that song for that night.
- Amanda

9. Lil Rob - “Let’s Get Nasty”

It makes me feel like a different person, but she’s kind of a person I don’t want to know. - Janae

10. Ville Valo - “Summer Wine”

I had sex with a fake Johnny Depp to a song sung by a fake Johnny Depp. - Amber

11. Will Smith - “Getting Jiggy With It”

He did the dance while getting jiggy and it embarrassingly got results, yes, multiple. - Rea

12. NSync - “God Must’ve Spent A Little More Time On You”

Not a song for a one night stand. I don’t want to think about what God thinks of my decisions that night. - London J.

13. His mixtape single

Honest to God truth, no lie, heasked me what I thought while it was playing. - Lexi P.

14. Rainforest Soundscapes

Music was too distracting for her so she Youtubed massage parlor soundtracks. She won’t admit it, but I swear she briefly fell asleep mid-foreplay. - Juan F.

15. Hanson - “MMMbop”

I like to throw an awkward song in my sex playlist just to lighten the mood in the beginning, works like a charm. - Troy S.

16. “Amazing Grace”

My name’s Grace and I’ve never wanted it not to be more than that night. That’s the risk you run when you select Ray Charles’ Pandora station. - Grace

17. Quad City DJs - “Space Jam”

We were in his car and the only music he had on his phone was his basketball warm-up playlist. - Olivia

18. Boyz II Men - “Silent Night”

It was April. Boyz II Men singing it did make it a little more romantic, but it’s not good to think about the sex you had while listing to the church choir sing it in December. - Vanessa

19. Idina Menzel - “Let It Go”

She put her iTunes on shuffle and it came on. It made it a little hard to “Let It Go” so we stopped, sang it out and continued afterwards. - Damon

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