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Exit Clear

This 1980s Take On ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Would Have Been a Glorious TV Show

The best part about video games can sometimes be the cool things fans do with those games.

In the case of Grand Theft Auto V, there’s no shortage of hilarious situations or ridiculous PC game mods you can peruse on YouTube. Add to that pantheon this phenomenal faux 1980s TV show intro created by Belgian YouTuber Dolce. It’s like GTA has come full circle back to the ‘80s-themed Vice City, but in television format.

Using some expertly applied filters, some judicious VHS interference and, of course, the dreaded 4:3 aspect ration, the video begs the question: why is there no GTA TV show? Developer Rockstar Games is leaving bags of cash on the ground here (although with GTA V shipping some 52 million units across all platforms, they probably don’t really need it).

Check out Dolce’s YouTube channel for more videos, including some additional GTA V fare. You should also check out the music of Lazerhawk, whose track is used in the video and who has a delightfully ‘80s Drive aesthetic.

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