In Star Wars, throwing your lightsaber is cool. In Portal, using an interdimensional gateway to trick a turret into blowing itself away is cool. Combine the two, and you get some deadly, ridiculous chaos.

The filmmakers at eunoiaCreations took a long-used fan film idea — what if we did a video of ourselves, but with Force powers?! — and combined it with another fan film favorite: what hilarious things would I do with a portal gun? The result is a fairly ingenious and well-choreographed fight scene in which an old rivalry over pizza flares up into a deadly encounter.

The best part of the video isn’t the underlying premise, though, or even the special effects, which are pretty impressive for a group of college filmmakers. The best part is actually the gags. No one has ever asked, “What happens if your lightsaber is in the car when you try to Force-yank it into your hand?” But eunoiaCreations does. And surely, it’s an oversight that has cost many Jedi their lives.