If you clicked on this it probably means you’re stuck in a blizzard right now and you’re half-drunk on wine and sick of the snow. The good news is that some really interesting stuff happens when it snows. Sometimes…

Roads only!

Christmas lights shining through.
Christmas lights make it look like cake.
How this snow slid to the bottom of these fenceposts.
Manhole smiley face!
Milk mustache, only with snow.
Catch a snow wave.
Snow peel.
The snow on this Dodge Ram looks like two rams.
Only the footprints remain.
The perfect circle this leaf made.
Wind curls of snow.
POTS on the back of this STOP sign.
Table’s pattern comes through.
Snow slipped off this license plate in one piece.
Frowny snow face.
Windshield snow spiral.
Snow peels off this Bobcat wheel.
Snow slid off a roof to make a snow slide.
Shadow melts.