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Exit Clear

20 Tweets if Twitter Had Existed in the 90s

20 Tweets if Twitter Had Existed in the 90s:

We had the internet in the 90s, but it wasn’t like it is today. Back then you were excited if you could change the background color of a webpage. Now information is shared at such a rapid pace things that happened a few hours ago can feel like old news. But what if we had Twitter back then? What sort of claims and thoughts would we have shared only to regret years later? Here’s what Twitter would have looked like in the 90s.

01 90stweets

02 90stweets

03 90stweets

04 90stweets

05 90stweets

06 90stweets

07 90stweets

08 90stweets

09 90stweets

10 90stweets

11 90stweets

12 90stweets

13 90stweets

14 90stweets

15 90stweets

16 90stweets

17 90stweets

18 90stweets

19 90stweets

20 90stweets

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