Before today, there was really only one reason for you to conceivably own a light-up pillow: blanket fort nightclub. Now, there’s something called the Sunrise Smart Pillow, and its purpose is way more scientific—and really, way less cool—than a blanket fort nightclub.

Quick science lesson: The best way to wake up in the morning is to expose your body to natural light, which suppresses melatonin, a.k.a. the sleep hormone. Sunlight is the best source, but there are plenty of light-emitting alarm clocks that get the job done by mimicking the sun’s effects.

The Sunrise Smart Pillow essentially does the same thing: The lights on both sides of the pillow gradually get brighter and shine on your sleeping eyelids, instructing your body to start churning out the energy hormone. “By controlling when the sun rises in your bedroom, you can eliminate fatigue and grogginess for good,” the pillow’s founders write on Kickstarter.

That’s fine. But the thing starts at a cool $200, it doesn’t have enough backers yet, and, you know, you could just open your bedroom window shades for free.