A while back we brought you the sick muscle lineup of Ford’s Shelby GT500, Dodge’s SRT8 Challenger, and the new Chevy ZL1 Convertible Camaro. Today we unveil to you yet another American sports car legacy in the making, Chevrolet’s new collector’s edition Corvette: The 2013 427 Convertible.

The 427 variant, which is named for the cubic-inch size of its precisely-tuned engine, has a long history of being a collector’s commodity from its first introduction in 1966 with the L30 and L72 models. Though the 427 badge hasn’t been used in almost 40 years, Chevy decided to re-introduce the moniker as part of the Corvette’s 60th anniversary which is being celebrated with the 2013 model year.

Equipped with the 60th Anniversary package that Chevy will roll out with as an option for all 2013 Vette models, the 427 is swathed in a retro arctic white paint scheme, with a blue leather interior to match the convertible’s tandem racing stripe and retractable roof. Utilizing the same LS7 8-cylinder 7.0-Liter engine as the Corvette Z06 that garners a whopping 505 horses, this beast earns its title as the most powerful convertible Corvette ever produced. With a decent 470 lb.-ft. of torque at its disposal and a top speed of 190+ mph, it’s not surprising that only a manual, six-speed transmission is being offered. At 0-60 in just 3.8 seconds, we’re definitely getting excited about this one.

Stealing the best elements from its sister models, the 427 includes carbon fiber fenders, floor panels, and raised hood from the Z06 to reduce weight, bringing the total curb balance to approximately 3,335 lbs. From the ZL1, the 427 borrows the Michelin PS2 tires with cupped wheels (19” front, 20” rear) which are wrapped by generous wide fenders. All this results in a meticulously contrived sports car that is genuinely unique as Corvette’s first dual anniversary and collector’s edition.

While the first of these bad boys was auctioned off for charity in January for around 600K, more will follow this summer at a more realistic price of about $100,000. Check the official site for more details!

Check out the **cool intro video below: