Since its launch, Toyota’s luxury marque, Lexus, has always been at the forefront of exciting, bold designs and engaging driving experiences and has built a strong reputation for reliable vehicles that are a consistent cut above the competition.

When we first heard that the brand was redesigning its flagship luxury sedan line, the LS, we were excited by the prospect of yet another generation of striking exteriors and comfortable leather styling. Two weeks ago in San Francisco, Lexus gathered its top consumer fans, celebrities, business elites and design artists for an event that was part auto show and part glamor photography exhibit; a hell of a global launch for the LS series. At its center, however, was the jaw-dropping debut of the 460 F Sport.

Under the theme of “Laws of Attraction,” the photo series seen throughout this article was shot by renowned fashion photographer Ellen von Unwerth and features some of the design and fashion industries’ hottest young talent, including Jaime King and Devon Aoki, celebrating the brand’s commitment to design innovation and class amongst its vehicles.

On the exterior, the F Sport’s aggressive new spindle grille is eye-catchingly attractive and signifies the car’s bold presence on the road. The sport-tuned air suspension has been lowered almost half an inch, which, combined with new frequency-dependent shock absorbers and revised steering system, creates a driving experience that both looks and feels close to the ground, resulting in stable control and precision handling on corners and hills; with 19” forged wheels and an adjusted six-piston caliber brake system, this car has the cojones to take on the three drive settings (eco, normal and sport).

With a plethora of additions not seen in the traditional LS models, the F Sport package contains the aforementioned Bremko brake kit, suspension calibrations and slick paddle shifters (eight-speed, in lieu of stick shift) and is available on both the all-wheel or rear-wheel drive variants of the direct-injection 4.6-liter V8. The vehicle packs a decent 386 horses at 6,400 rpm and a total torque of 367 lb.-ft. at 4,100 rpm. At about 19 miles per gallon combined, the F Sport ranks with similar BMWs, Audis and Benzes. On the interior, nice additions like Blu-ray and the 12.3” multimedia screen are welcome, as are the leather and luxury wood trims.

Expect the release around November of this year; check out for news.