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Tearing up tracks and empty straightaways, the second model from McLaren’s MP4 line drew looks of instant envy late last month when the 2013 12C Spider was revealed to the public. Utilizing the same Formula 1 DNA found in all McLaren vehicles, this 3.8-liter V8-powered roadster features a unique retractable hard top that can be operated while still in motion (about 19 mph).

Once locked down and ready to go, the Spider pushes its 625 horses to the max with a 0-62 mph sprint of just 3.1 seconds. Still not impressed? A 0-100 mph jaunt will only take you about six seconds, and a lightning fast 0-124, just nine seconds flat; talk about impressive! The Spider’s twin turbo pushes power to the rear-wheel drive with the seven-speed SSG dual-clutch transmission. With a top speed of 204 mph and the luxury of the convenient rocker-mounted shift paddles, this carbon chassis performance sports convertible is anything but tame if you ask us.

On order now from all 38 dealers in 22 countries, the Spider will set you back just over $268K, with deliveries rolling out in December. The first model in the U.S. will be unveiled later this month at the annual Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in California.

Watch the launch video below and check out www.