Long before there were ridiculous notions of Lamborghinis that almost touched the ground or Bentley throwing a V12 into a cube, there were Porsche Cayennes. A cut above Mercedes’ late-1990s M-class, the Cayenne and its model line of S, GTS and Turbo have long been the hallmark of those who desire the best in class, comfort and taste on the road.

The second-generation Cayenne GTS unveiled in April at Auto China strongly epitomizes these traits, with a redesigned shell with plenty of technical and cosmetic improvements that will leave fans of Porsche’s sportier GTS marque raving. Decked out with an active all-wheel drive system utilizing an eight-speed Tiptronic S transmission, the new Cayenne boasts a fiery V8 that delivers 420 horses, about 20 more than the second-gen S model. This power translates to an astounding top speed (for an SUV) of 152 mph, with the ability to sprint 0-60 in just 5.4 seconds from a standing start.

Enrobed in specialty shades such as Peridot Metallic and Carmine Red (both pictured), the former adding an extra-dapper persona to the beast, the signature glossy black trim and newly widened wheel wells add further character to the GTS, along with the eye-catching side skirts that extend to the ground alongside the standard 20-inch RS Spyder wheels (which lift the premium brakes from the Turbo model). The GTS also contains a sound symposer, which brings the authentic sounds of the souped-up engine into the cabin, further contributing to the sports appeal of the vehicle. The Cayenne’s distinct fascia is bold and aggressive but as slick and sporty as one would come to expect from the company’s storied history on the track.

As the North American market for SUVs is certainly competitive, we asked Porsche what makes this car stand out among its competitors. Steve Janisse, GM of PR for the company’s North American operations, stated, “What the GTS adds to that mix is the fiercer look, the growl, it’s a more emotional experience when you drive. Compared to anything else, I don’t [think] there’s an SUV on the market that does everything as well as the Cayenne.”

Improving upon the previous models’ downside of a more cramped rear seat environment, Porsche PR assures us that the design process has yielded a much more spacious ride for those in the back. On sale now for next month, the Cayenne GTS will retail for approximately $82,050 plus delivery charges. We’re super pumped to test this new sporty king of the road, so join us in checking out the launch video below. For more information, visit www.porsche.us