In 2015 authenticity will die. Restaurant consultant firm Baum + Whiteman has released its predictions for next year’s hottest food and drink trends, and it’s going to be a flavor and culture cluster fk. Here are a few things you can expect:

  1. Micheladas: The spicy cerveza cocktail will rival Bloody Marys on brunch menus.

  2. Punch: Communal drinking is coming back strong.

  3. Soda Fountain Invasion: Bars will serve boozy milkshakes and house-made soft drinks.

  4. Whiskey: We’ve seen this one coming for a while, but whiskey is finally overtaking vodka as the best-selling spirit. Expect to see it in more house cocktails.

  5. Coffee Shop Bars: Coffee shops will serve spiked lattes and food that pairs well with alcohol, like charcuterie boards.

  6. Hybrid Spirits: People will actually buy bastardizations like Vodquila (vodka-tequila) and Malibu Red (rum-tequila).

  7. Herbal Liqueurs: On the heels of the Negroni renaissance, aperitifs and digestifs like absinthe are being incorporated into main menu cocktails. Herbaceous throwback cocktails like Pimm’s Cup #1 will be popular.

  8. Regional American Wines: Wines produced outside of California—in unlikely regions like Texas—will steal the spotlight.

  9. Oysters: Happy hours across the country will incorporate $1 oysters. The shellfish supply is dramatically increasing, making them cheaper and more accessible. Bartenders will serve more brine-y cocktails like martinis or dry white wine to pair with them.

  10. Bar Apps: Never fight for attention at a bar again! Expect more bars to offer their menus on tablets, and soon you will be able to place an order and pay directly from your phone. Face-recognition software could even direct a waiter to exactly where you’re standing, although we don’t think that will happen anytime soon.

From the restaurant scene you can expect more Japanese and Jewish mashups, savory yogurts, edible bugs and artisanal toast. Sounds like it’s going to be one hell of a year.

(via First We Feast)