The Miss USA pageant is a time-honored tradition like Thanksgiving, the Super Bowl, or Mission Impossible movies. This year, like every other year, the most beautiful women in the United States of America will gather on July 12th in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. There, “qualified” judges will use their presumably superior eyeballs and personal opinions on beauty to name one lucky woman MISS USA! (Honesty, the fact that this still happens is pretty nuts)

Recently, some of the contestants made a video with Maxim. Here it is:

The whole concept is baffling to me. Essentially, a slew of girls get on a stage, and a panel of ugly old people proclaim “YOU! YOU ARE THE MOST ATTRACTIVE ONE!” Then they give her a bouquet of flowers and a crown. Of course, the contestants have to answer some questions, wear some different outfits, and display a skill… but I think that they should be required to do more. I don’t want them answering questions about world peace, I want them solving math equations. I don’t want to see a contestant play the violin, I want to see her complete a Tough Mudder. Let’s raise the stakes a little bit and make this so called “competition” a little more competitive!

Oh well, I guess that’s just a dream. For now, it’s basically a big game of “Hot or Not.” Here are some of the hottest contestants.

Fun times at Events! Small photoshoots are always a plus, ❤️ #teamreneecbull #missdelawareusa2015 #roadtothecrown

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Miss USA || Miss Idaho USA #OTMD #USO #FleetWeek #NYC

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For a complete list of the rest of the participants, click here.