Italian luxury sports car god Ferrari unveiled their new flagship grand tourer earlier this month: the 2013 F12berlinetta. Replacing its prototype, the six-year old 599 Fiorano, the F12berlinetta was conceived as the first of a new generation of powerful V12 vehicles for the company. Making its world debut online at and making an appearance at the Geneva Auto Show, this high-performance road demon is being promoted as the fastest Ferrari ever built.

Packing in 729 horses at close to 8250 rpm, the F12berlinetta features a custom-designed 65 degree twelve cylinder engine and its cool 508 lb-ft of torque easily tops its predecessors’ 448 lb-ft. The top speed for the F12 is in the range of 210 mph, and has the ability to get from 0-60 in a mere 3.1 seconds which eclipses the 599 Fiorano’s time of 3.7. If you’re going to test fate and try out these speeds on city streets, just make sure you’re more sly than the doctor in Japan who recorded his thrill ride and found himself facing jail time after the police watched it on YouTube….watch it here!

The external body of the F12 strikes a balance between the latest in aerodynamic technologies and sophisticated traditional Ferrari touches. The use of fluid dynamic simulations, along with extensive wind tunnel testing has optimized this strikingly beautiful car for less drag and a higher rate of downforce to help keep your car on the road. The body itself was designed collaboratively between the Ferrari Styling Center and distinguished Italian auto design and engineering firm Pininfarina.

Lastly, the classic Ferrari interior of this luxury roadster is exceptionally roomy compared to previous models. Upgraded Frau leather is used throughout, and is fashioned with futuristic looking air vents crafted with aluminum and carbon fiber. The F12 is also surprisingly fuel efficient at 30% below the Fiorana, and only emits 217.5g/mile of CO2.

The F12berlinetta is estimated to cost around $333,650 and will be available later this year.