The 24 Hours Of Le Mans is the endurance automobile race. Building a car to run the quarter-mile or even 500 miles is one thing, but constructing a car that can go—and go fast—for 24 straight hours is a feat of engineering and a test of human willpower. First run in 1923, the long-distance race takes place each June and was the subject of a legendary Steve McQueen film. Competitors often cover more than 3,000 miles during the race (3,360 is the record).

As awesome as the 24 Hours Of Le Mans is, it’s still 24 hours and in our attention-addled age, ain’t nobody got time for that. Fortunately, photographer Camden Thrasher was in attendance at this year’s race and summed up the race in a tidy two minutes. Thrasher took 1,158 photos from the start to the finish of the race and assembled them into this cool stop-motion animation video.

Capturing the spirit of the race is as much of an endurance test for Thrasher as it is for the drivers and mechanics. He arrived at the track a week in advance and started shooting practice sessions and drivers meetings as well as scouting different photo locations. Come race day, he was constantly moving. Thrasher says he walked 19 miles during the first half of the race alone. And while drivers get to take a break, Thrasher is always on. “I don’t sleep much at all during the race. I might put my head down on my desk when I’m downloading my memory cards, but that’s about the extent of the rest I get,” he told Wired.

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