Hey, it’s Star Wars Day. If you use the Internet, you probably already know this. But if you don’t use the Internet and/or you’re an old, Star Wars Day is held on May 4 every year because “May Fourth” sounds like “May Force,” as in “May the Force be with you.” So May the Fourth be with you. How are you celebrating your Star Wars Day?

I’ll tell you how you should be celebrating your Star Wars Day if you’re stupid rich—like George Lucas rich: by plunking down $1.4 million on this badass, solid-gold Darth Vader mask. Just look at the damn thing:

The gloriously unnecessary, but menacing piece of memorabilia comes from the Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka, which is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year and evidently wanted to commemorate the occasion by crafting a solid-gold Darth Vader mask. Ginza Tanaka says the mask is life-size, but a company spokesperson told The New York Times that there’s a catch: “Unfortunately, you cannot wear this mask because it is too heavy,” as in 33 pounds of 24-karat gold heavy.

You know what? Don’t listen to ‘em. Because what are you going to do, spend $1.4 million on a solid-gold Darth Vader mask and NOT try to try to put it over your head on Star Wars Day? Yeah, right.