Friends is arguably the most popular TV show of all time, and many people will have seen every single episode numerous times. But here at Playboy, we’ve gotten an in depth, exclusive, totally real list of episodes that never aired!

Let’s take a look at all the episodes that hit the cutting room floor.

Episode 2.13 - The One Where Ross Cheats on Rachel with Gunther

Episode 4.08 - The One Where Rachel Gets Her Hair Caught in a Ceiling Fan and Swings Around Monica’s Apartment Kicking Everyone in the Face Repeatedly

Episode 6.23 - The One with Hitler

Episode 3.07- The One Where Joey Takes Ill with Molecular Instability at Central Perk and Sinks into the Floor

Episode 3.08 - The One Where Phoebe Explodes

Episode 9.25 - The One Where Joey Glues Himself to a Gynaecologist

Episode 1.15 - The One Where Ross Accidentally Finds Kony Behind a Subway Phonebooth

Episode 1.19 - The One Where Monica Tries to Give up Gravity for a Month and Floats into the Sun

Episode 8.01 - The One Where Joey and Chandler Go Back in Time to See If Dinosaurs Had Boobs

Episode 5.11 - The One Where Richard Dies of Old Age and Monica Uses Black Magic to Bring Him Back to Life, Unleashing a Moustached Zombie upon New York

Episode 3.16 - The One Where Phoebe Falls out of the Television and Runs Around Your Living Room Cackling and Defecating on Your Carpet

Episode 7.12 - The One Where Rachel Dates a Sabre-toothed Tiger

Episode 3.20 - The One Where Joey Goes out to Buy a Sandwich and Accidentally Joins the Crips

Episode 2.10 - The One Where the Girls Challenge the Boys to See Who Can Lay Wooden Flooring Better and Truth Be Told, They All Do Really Well and Have a Great Time

Episode 10.15 - The One Where Joey Wakes up Dubbed with a German Voiceover and Nobody Can Understand Him

Episode 6.10 - The One Where Monica Falls in Love with a Gingerbread Man

Warner Bros Television

Warner Bros Television

Episode 4.15 - The One Where Joey Discovers Grumpy Cat and Laughs Himself into a Coma

Episode 7.13 - The One Where Ross Wallpapers over Himself While Decorating His Apartment

Episode 4.19 - The One Where Chandler Is Involved in a Segway Accident and the Number 6 Is Permanently Wiped from His Memory

Episode 2.03 - The One Where Joey Loses His Shoes and Whilst Attempting to Find Them, Falls into a Volcano

Episode 1.09 - The One Where Gunther Kidnaps Everyone and Re-enacts the Human Centipede

Episode 10.06 - The One Where Chandler Is a Wasp

Episode 5.08 - The One Where Ross Gets His Penis Stuck in a Space Jam Dvd

Episode 6.06 - The One Where Phoebe Discovers Some Strange Stones Beneath a Hatch in Monica’s Bathroom. Upon Touching Them Her Eyes Roll Back in Her Head and the Screams of a Thousand Tortured Souls Fill the Air as She Is Possessed by the Dark Lord Satan. Slowly She Ambles out into the Living Room. The Gang Are Sitting Around the Table Playing Monopoly. It Is Thanksgiving and Snow Is Gently Falling Outside upon the Quiet New York Streets Below. Joey Looks Over. “Hey Phoebes, How U Doi…” But Joey Cannot Finish His Famous Catchphrase as Phoebe Devours Her Friends’ Souls and Sends Them Spiraling into Eternal Hell. (Guest Appearance by Wee Man from Jackass)

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