It was almost three decades ago that Nintendo released Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! for its Nintendo Entertainment System, and players have only just figured out a sneaky secret that lets them take down a couple of bad boxers in exactly one hit.

Players have known for a while that if they hit opponents Bald Bull and Piston Honda at just the right moment, they could fell both foes with a single punch. Trouble was, for a long time, no one knew exactly when those right moments were during those matches, and were left to guess when the window was open.

Redditor midwesternhousewives has finally cracked the code on exactly how to defeat Honda and Bald Bull, however, and it all comes down to a visual cue hidden in each match’s audience. There’s a particular spectator on the left side of the screen with a pixely beard. When that guy ducks, it’s time to punch out Honda and Bald Bull, defeating them nearly effortlessly.

Players were put onto Punch Out!!’s visual easter eggs back in 2009 when Nintendo’s late former president, Satoru Iwata, interviewed the game’s developers and revealed that the cue for a one-hit takedown on Bald Bull was a camera flash in the audience. It’s taken that long for midwesternhousewives to notice this other cue, however, which comes up the second time players take on Bald Bull and Honda.

Boom. Just shy of 30 years after its release, someone has figured out how to perfectly game a big chunk of a boxing game. Now if only someone could figure out how to make Mike Tyson forfeit his match to pursue his career as a cartoon voice actor, we’d have Punch Out!! completely mastered.

Via Polygon