Don’t watch this video if you are easily infuriated at how cool it would have been to have a different dad growing up. You know that dad who seemed to be able to do all the amazing stuff that engendered jealousy in yours? Well a certain man in Minnesota is that exact dad.

Andrey Rudenko constructed a 3D printer that can print objects using liquid concrete. He is a contractor living in Minnesota, and developed a 3D printer that works with concrete so he could build large-scale structures with a solid infrastructure.

According to his website, the mission “is to develop robotic systems that will facilitate the construction of affordable, faster, zero-energy, and smarter housing.”

Obviously if this technology was developed further its applications would be innumerable. Imagine temporary refugee housing being developed by concrete overnight, or art installations made by concrete.

Beyond these things, the video is just downright relaxing to watch.