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4 Chef’s Knives with Cutting Edge Design

4 Chef’s Knives with Cutting Edge Design: Photography by Joseph Shin

Photography by Joseph Shin

Part of the appeal of cooking is looking cool while doing it (just ask Michael Voltaggio or any cook working the line at a hipster restaurant with an open kitchen). And thanks to the food revolution, there are more opportunities to strut your stuff with a badass chef’s knife. But it’s not all about appearances: The design details on these knives all serve a purpose. With knives like these available at every price point, it’s high time for a knife swap.

The Workhorse
This series of professional knives has color-coded handles to prevent cross contamination in restaurant kitchens. Dexter-Russell eight-inch chef’s knife, $39, Dexter­

The Traveler
With a plastic sheath and red blade, this is one knife you won’t leave behind at the summerhouse. Kai eight-inch chef’s knife, $20, Williams-Sonoma

The Artisan
This handmade beauty is exquisitely balanced. Plus, the G10 laminate handle is as grippy as it is handsome. Cut Brooklyn nine-inch ­Prospect 240, $575, Cut Brooklyn

The Japanophile
The dimpled surface on this ­surgically sharp German-­influenced Japanese knife prevents food from sticking to the blade. Glestain eight-inch dimpled blade gyutou, $170, Korin­

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