Like a fine painter, a modern day sartorial rockstar knows how to accentuate his look through the use of color, texture and proportion. To master this art, you must learn how to accessorize, my good man. Rather than thinking of accessories as precious knick-knacks or fancy man tchotchkes, use them to show off your good taste and attention to detail. Often, it’s the accessories which provide that “I don’t know what it is, but this person looks dope” je ne sais quoi. When used properly, these small touches separate a stylish kit from a merely serviceable one.

The good news is, when it comes to accessorizing, there are no formal rules. If you think those purple socks would look sick with your all black Nikes, or suddenly find yourself in the mood to spice up your oxford with a fetching fedora, go for it! Just remember, a little extra swag goes a long way. Every pizza tastes better with hot pepper flakes, but you want the cheese, crust and sauce to be the real stars of the pie, right?

Curated here are five killer accessories any dude can work into his look this summer. Let’s jump in!

Fancy hats may have gotten a bad rap over the last few years, but that’s more to do with sketchy styling (hello, deep V neck t-shirts) and cheap materials than anything else. Rather than settling for a vanilla, mass market version, invest in a luxurious, handmade hat in an interesting shade of your favorite color. For our money, there’s no better milliner for hip guys than Albertus Swanepoel (yes, that’s his real name), who has been perfecting his craft for over 30 years.

Baseball hats will always connect us to our tribal past, whether we are repping for our favorite sports team, or hipping the rest of the world to our favorite underground brands. This summer, be the coolest dude in your crew by sporting a crisp cap from Noah, the family owned, prep-inspired, hypebeast-approved brainchild of menswear hero (and ex-Supreme designer) Brendon Babenzien. Who knows? Maybe your understatedly cool lid will attract some new, fashion forward friends.

Colorful, print heavy socks, like these lovely floral joints from California-based sock masters Richer Poorer, can definitely add some sartorial swagger to any look, even a super minimalist one. Oh, and don’t worry about about the “rules” of wearing socks, because they aren’t any. As a wise man once told me, your socks don’t need to match anything but your mood.

Jewelry can be a weird thing for a lot of dudes, but there’s nothing to fear if you start small and build up your look from there. If you are just dipping your toe in the water and experimenting with what works for you, we highly recommend tricking out your look with some inexpensive low key trinkets, like this handsome lanyard-inspired bracelet from Topman. If it looks good, and it probably will, you can always add a few more in other colors.

Only you will know the reason (hot date? wardrobe malfunction?) you need to invest in some new gourmet boxers, but trust us, it’s worth it. This summer, wrap your junk in modern art with these Mondrian-inspired boxers from NYC-based underwear and sock kings Druthers. They’re handmade in NYC from fabrics sourced from some of Japan’s most prestigious mills—that’s rich. When it comes to your most valuable assets, we will always advise you to “ball out.”