Spoilers for Game of Thrones’ fifth season below.

Game of Thrones’ Season 5 finale is just days away, and unsurprisingly the internet has some theories about it.

This season has had some great moments, like Jon’s battle at Hardhome, or Dany’s Quidditch tryout dragon ride. It also had some not-so-great ones, like Sansa’s rape and everything that happened in Dorne.

Going into the final episode this year, here’s what fans are expecting to see.

(Obligatory spoiler warning: some of these may pan out, in which case you might consider them spoilers. Then again, maybe none of them will. That’s half the fun, right? I tried to keep the book spoilers to a minimum, but I can’t say the same for the sources I linked to, so don’t go clicking around to Reddit and other fan sites unless you’re a seasoned fan — or you just don’t care.)

Source: Reddit
Melisandre really likes burning people alive, and who better to burn alive than a defenseless, lovable little girl? In viewers’ eyes, the sacrifice of Shireen turned Stannis and Mel into full-on villains, but the characters believed they were doing what they had to do, however terrible.

It’s always Melisandre who’s pushing Stannis to pull shit like this, and given that he already rejected the (frankly poorly-thought out) plan to burn his only heir once before, she might have perceived a need to nudge him in what she sees as the right direction. Thus, she magically lit all the food tents on fire, and we’ll find out in the finale that Ramsay was actually nowhere near Stannis’s camp, his plan a red herring foiled by weather or whatever.

Source: Watchers on the Wall
As of the second-to-last episode this season, it seems the Sand Snakes — the Red Viper’s sexy bastard daughters — were completely pointless and accomplished literally nothing in the show besides getting naked for some sexposition, poisoning Bronn and then immediately giving him the antidote.

However, there’s a lot more to them in the books (literally, there are seven of them in the source material), and it seems we’ll be getting at least one more scene with them in the show. At least that’s what Jessica Henwick, the actress who plays Nymeria Sand, said in the interview linked to above. What that something is is anyone’s guess.

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The interesting thing about Olly, the kid at the Wall whose dour face the show cuts to every time anyone mentions the word “Wildling,” is that he’s a character who only exists in the show. Given that Game of Thrones has focused on him so much this season, he must have some greater purpose, right?

Olly has made zero effort to hide his displeasure with current goings-on at and beyond the Wall, what with Jon inviting the Free Folk in and Olly having just recently witnessed said Folk butcher his parents (which he’s happy to remind us at every possible opportunity). But even more suggestive than the show’s none-too-subtle foreshadowing is the tweet linked above. A joke Twitter account for one Samwell Tarly calls Olly’s actor, Brenock O'Connor, out on all his “dodgy looks,” and who should favorite said tweet but O'Connor himself. Anyone else feel like there’s a joke in there that only O'Connor knows the punchline to?

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It’s just a single comment in a much larger Reddit thread about something completely unrelated, but one fan thinks Stannis might eat it in the Game of Thrones season 5 finale. Why? To make room on the show for the Greyjoys to return to the forefront, based on the news that some book characters in Theon’s estranged family might be on the casting calls for season 6.

That’s pretty thin, but then again, wasn’t there someone who’s made it a prime objective to shuffle Stannis off his current coil? And isn’t that someone currently hanging around Winterfell, the destination to which Stannis just cleared himself a path by burning his only child alive at the stake? Makes you think, huh.

Source: Westeros.org
This is a personal favorite of mine. There isn’t a ton of evidence so far, but it seems Game of Thrones the show might be preparing Sansa to take the place of another book character who has apparently been cut — or who, at least, hasn’t shown up yet.

The character, referred to in the books mainly as Stoneheart, winds up leading a ragtag band of minutemen on a quest for vengeance and ordering Brienne around quite a bit. As already noted, Brienne is currently hanging around Winterfell, and clearly Sansa won’t remain Ramsay’s prisoner forever. And Sansa did just learn that her little brothers may be alive, which could lend her a much-needed sense of purpose.

Whatever happens in the Game of Thrones season 5 finale, it can’t be worse than that scene with the Sand Snakes and Bronn in the Dornish dungeon, so I, at least, am excited for this Sunday.

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