While they may be smaller than your big-ticket items, accessories are not disposable sartorial tchotchkes. When done right, killer accessories can turn a serviceable outfit into a sublime one. Take, for example, the way a fetching $100 tie can help make a $500 suit look like it costs three times as much.

In the cold, dark days of winter, your accessories must do double duty. They need to keep you from freezing your ass off, and they need to subtly elevate and enhance the rest of the your kit. Neither of these qualities is more important than the other—looking good but being cold is foolish, and being warm but looking wack is just straight-up unfortunate.

This winter, it’s all about stepping up your accessories game and letting your good taste and practical thinking lead the way. Join us as we round up five awesome accessories that can add some serious spice to your cold weather looks.

The theory that we lose over 80 percent of our body heat through our uncovered heads has been disproven by science. But we have even stronger evidence for covering up your dome this winter: A killer knit cap can boost your overall look by untold amounts. When shopping around, look for something made from 100-percent all-natural fibers like wool. We’re loving this American-made skeleton motif skully from cheeky Ivy Style revivalists Rowing Blazers.

Stretchy cotton gloves from Old Navy might be fine for Becky, but for your dudely lifestyle, we highly recommend going with something a bit more substantial. This season, snag a pair of wool-lined leather gloves from a trusted heritage brand like Filson and give your hands a much-needed respite from those biting winter winds. The elastic band at the bottom adds a nice sporty touch, while the insides feature a moisture-wicking lining, all the better for schlepping those holiday gift bags around.

A textured wool necktie is more versatile than you think. For one, you can rock it with a clean grey suit to add a little rugged swagger to an otherwise buttoned-up look. On the casual tip, you could also pair it with an Oxford collar button-down shirt, a V-neck sweater and a pair of chunky brogues for a cool neo-prep vibe. Pro tip: When shopping around, look for a slim (but not skinny) version. You want it to be around 2.75 inches wide, like this sexy striped version from Alexander Olch.

Indulging your inner jock by rocking your lucky Jets scarf is fine for game day, but for the rest of the week, you should invest in something a bit more elevated, like this handsome jungle-themed number from UK-based haberdashers Drake’s. A chic scarf plays well with everything, from super traditional topcoats and suits to elegantly dishevelled blue jeans and a bomber jacket. In terms of tying it, just wrap it around your neck a few times until it looks cool and then simply let it hang loose.

A wallet isn’t just a place to stuff your bucks (and never, ever a condom). It’s a physical manifestation of your relationship with money. So whether you’re downsizing from a Costanza- worthy whopper, or upgrading from carrying around your credit cards and loose change in a black plastic deli bag, a handsome wallet is key. When in doubt, you can never go wrong with a classic billfold wallet cut from supple gourmet leather. Remember, feeling rich is the first step to being rich.