One of PlayStation’s most popular and loved characters might actually be completely insane.

Nathan Drake is funny, likeable, good looking, a cold-blooded killer, and one of the worst friends you can ever have. He’s the main character in the Uncharted games—action-adventure games in which you shoot, punch, and jump your way through exhilarating set-pieces looking for mythical treasures. Sure, Drake is arguably video gaming’s version of Indiana Jones, an everyday man who’s relatable and someone you can’t help but root for. All he wants to do is find treasure, and the odds are always against him. But he always manages to somehow save the day.

Yet under those wise-cracking jokes and charming smile is a man that’s arguably the biggest psychopath in all of gaming. He’s a pathological liar with a personality disorder, and has a penchant for destruction. And what’s even more scary is the fact that he refuses to acknowledge any of this, instead choosing to pretend like everything’s fine. I mean, it’s pretty normal to constantly strangle people to death, right? Right?

As someone who loves Drake and wishes him well, I’m pretty sure these are the 5 reasons why he’s totally crazy.

Drake is absolutely obsessed with his “ancestor” Sir Francis Drake, an explorer and buccaneer from the 16th century. In the first game, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Nathan Drake locates and recovers his ancestor’s coffin in the middle of nowhere, all in order to find a measly little diary that supposedly shows the location of a bunch of gold. He constantly talks about Sir Francis Drake and even boasts about being related to him. You can even argue he’s based his entire life around the explorer. It’s all a bit creepy.

Here’s the catch: in the third game, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, we learn that Drake is not even Nathan’s actual last name. His real name isn’t revealed. Who actually is this guy? And why does he like Sir Francis Drake so much? He’s been lying to his friends and girlfriends all these years and for what?

Drake has come close to dying many times, whether it’s due to a helicopter shooting at him or almost drowning in a giant sinking cruise ship. But instead of panicking and genuinely being scared for his life, Drake just laughs everything off. No, really, he always cracks jokes right after surviving a near-fatal catastrophe. He’s never really phased by being in serious danger. That’s not really the response you’d expect from a normal person.

Also, he never makes any attempt to stop getting into these predicaments. Instead of turning back and going home before someone else starts throwing live grenades at him again, he just keeps going. It’s like he thinks constantly fighting small private armies is normal everyday life.

Drake likes destroying things. He purposefully shoots at a handful of oil canisters while riding a train, making it go off the rails. He also causes a giant cruise ship to flip over and sink because, yet again, he engaged in a shootout with dozens of people.

Every single place that he finds himself in, whether it’s a lush jungle, a city, train, cruise ship, or airplane, always gets completely demolished and permanently ruined. He’s like a one-man wrecking crew that refuses to respect his surroundings, and other innocent people that might live in those places.

Drake always manages to drag his loved ones and friends to whatever crazy adventure or scheme that he’s planning, and they almost end up dying. Take his long-time best friend and father figure Sullivan (one of Uncharted’s main characters) for example. It has gotten to the point where Sully doesn’t want to go look for treasure anymore, and he often questions Drake’s desire to continue to do so. Sully actually got kidnapped because of him too. He constantly asks Drake if it’s worth traveling around the world and causing massive destruction everywhere he goes, especially if it’s all for having a slim chance of finding some mythical treasure that probably doesn’t even exist. What does he want to prove? And to whom?

Drake’s married to Elena—another important Uncharted character—but he doesn’t care one bit. Instead of being by her side and living a normal life, he lies to her and goes on dangerous expeditions.

Of course the biggest reason why Drake is a psycho who needs to be stopped is the fact that he’s one of the most dangerous cold-blooded killers around. He literally murders thousands of people for the stupidest reasons. Yes, they do often shoot back at him (though not always) but remember this all because he’s on a personal quest to go find made-up loot. He uses grenade launchers, sniper rifles, magnums, machine gun turrets, and whatever else he can find, and he never feels any remorse or guilt.

He actually doesn’t react at all to choking or punching someone to death. He has zero emotions, and just continues to crack jokes and wear those stupid, sexy blue jeans of his. How can you massacre a bunch of people and not feel anything? If you’re a cold-blooded psychopath, that’s how.

Aleksander Gilyadov is a freelance writer with an eclectic taste in film, music, and games. He believes Breaking Bad is the greatest show mankind has concocted, and that The Sopranos is actually a bit overrated.

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