NBA Twitter has to be one of the best enclaves of the social media service. Every night during the NBA season you can log on, and if you’re following the right people, you’ll have a second-screen experience that’s as good as the games themselves, and many nights better. Who are the those right people to follow? Well, we’re here to help. We’ve gathered the 50 best Twitter accounts to give you your NBA fix this season.

Lives and dies with the Knicks. Mostly dies.

Haralabos Voulgaris
Purported to be the most successful NBA gambler of all time, hence, he’s backing up his opinions with cash. And, ohhhhhhhhhh, does he have opinions.

“J.E. Skeets”
Ringleader of The Starters, née The Basketball Jones.

SBNation NBA
It’s the feed that’s consistently your best friend when you settle in for a night of hoops on TV, giving you running commentary, gifs and sometimes some pure randomness.

Kobe Bryant
Greatest first tweet of all time?

Howard Beck
Formerly of The New York Times. Surprisingly went to Bleacher Report and brought light to the Dark Side. During the days of the NBA lockout, embraced boredom-induced Dadaism.

Zach Lowe
Basketball wonk. On Twitter he’s good, but he’s at his absolute best when he’s really digging into a subject in his Grantland column.

Holly MacKenzie
North of the Border scribe covering basketball in the land of hockey. Why do so many good writers cover the Raptors? Until last year, the team seemed undeserving of this.

Joel Embiid
Hasn’t played a single minute in the NBA yet, but he’s winning at the game of life.

Adrian Wojnarowski
He’s the king of NBA scoops–but this isn’t Adam Schefter peddling of useless team transaction ephemera–he’s dishing real dirt.

Leigh Ellis
The Aussie enigma on The Starters. He has a pretty uncommon opinion as to the most memorable game in NBA history.

Kristen Ledlow
Co-host of the new edition of NBA Inside Stuff with Grant Hill. Can the duo make us forget Ahmad and Summer?

JR Smith
National treasure.

This is a bald-faced attempt to get him to tweet us out to his 8.87 million followers. Will it work? Check back to find out…

Kevin Pelton
Stats guru, ESPN Insider and possesses a zen-like calm while others get themselves all worked up over small sample sizes.

Dan Devine
Enjoys a damn fine cup of coffee.

Mike Schmitz
This is the guy for the hard-core basketball nerd who wants have awesome video breakdowns of NBA prospects for Draft Express.

Seerat Sohi
Writes about basketball for ESPN and Sports On Earth. Top notch snark.

J.A. Adande
Real talk.

Kirk Goldsberry
A Ph.D in Geography, and visiting scholar at Harvard, Goldsberry wows us with pared-down visual representations of NBA data that are remarkable in their clarity and usefulness.

Brent Barry
Bones Barry is definitely the best of the Barry basketball bunch.

Megan Ann Wilson
Basketball and fashion fan who posts some great shoe porn.

Bill Simmons
Tweet redacted by ESPN.

David Aldridge
An institution in NBA reporting. Gives you information, but you don’t feel like he’s exaggerating to get pageviews.

Nate Robinson
Diminutive person. Basketball player. Restaurant owner. Slam Dunk champion. Bon vivant.

Candace Buckner
Heads up the Indiana Pacers beat for the Indianapolis Star. Though her job may be a whole helluva lot less fun this season with Lance Stephenson no longer in town.

Nate Duncan
He’s a sharp writer for, but be prepared for a lot of in-game tweets.

Matt Moore
A steady stream of basketball news from’s NBA writer. I mean, he’s tweeted 268K times. That’s a shit ton, but the b-ball junkies hoover it up.

Lang Whitaker
A longtime editor for Slam Magazine, he currently writes for GQ and He’s been living a pretty good life of late.

Henry Abbott
The creator of the True Hoop network of basketball blogs on Every Laker fan in the world hates him for daring to speak ill of Kobe Bryant and whether or not he’s “clutch”.

Tas Melas
Seems like a fiery guy, but then you remember he’s Greek, and that’s just how he talks.

Ramona Shelburne
When the whole Donald Sterling fiasco went down, she was there, reporting scoops from the front lines.

Trey Kerby
Editor of blog, The Starters. Tall in person.

Kate Fagan
Writer for ESPNW and unlike most of us yappers on Twitter, she actually played D-1 college basketball!

Andy Gray
Yes, Andy doesn’t focus specifically on NBA throughout the season, but he consistently delivers gems from the depths of the vast and amazing archive of Sports Illustrated photography.

Bomani Jones

“Bethlehem Shoals”
The hyper-literate end of the NBA Twitter spectrum. Expresses discomfort with medium, but luckily for us he still tweets.

Nick Collison
He doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously and we enjoy that.

Jessica Camerato
Covers all things Boston sports for, and also a writer for Basketball Insiders.

Chris Ballard
One of the best of his generation of Sports Illustrated writers. His talent and job description lets him take the longer view on the subjects he writes about.

Eric Freeman
Writer for Yahoo’s Ball Don’t Lie and the Classical.

Tom Ziller
Great writer for SBNation. Unapologetic Sacramento Kings fan.

Ben Golliver NBA staff writer. Delivers quality gifs and videos.

Amin Elhassan
ESPN writer and founder of #hatehard.

Angie Treasure
Surprisingly upbeat Jazz fan. Could be gallows humor.

Mark Deeks
Interpreting the CBA and crunching the salary cap numbers so you don’t have to.

Chad Ford
ESPN’s NBA Draft guru.

Lee Jenkins
When LeBron wanted to tell the world he was returning to Cleveland, he turned to Lee.

Daryl Morey
The Houston Rockets GM is one of the few executives in pro sports who is actually worth following.

Someone had to chronicle all of Craig Sager’s suits. Also a diehard Boston fan, to the point where she named one of her dogs after Leon Powe.

Jeremy Repanich is a Senior Editor at Playboy. Hey, while you’re over on Twitter, go ahead and follow him too, @racefortheprize, you can watch him beat a dead horse.