In 1962, future Pulitzer Prize–winning author Alex Haley sat down with jazz musician Miles Davis for what would become an institution of American journalism—the Playboy Interview. To celebrate the Interview’s 50th anniversary, Playboy has culled 50 of its most (in)famous Interviews and will publish them over the course of 50 weekdays (from September 4, 2012 to November 12, 2012) via Amazon’s Kindle Direct platform. Here, a glimpse at our conversation with filmmaker and political commentator Michael Moore from the July 2004 issue.

“The Democrats need to start thinking like the Republicans. Who is our Reagan? Who is our Schwarzenegger? Oprah would be a perfect president. She’s got good politics. She’s got a good heart. She’ll have us up Jazzercising at six in the morning and reading books. How can that be bad for the country? How about Tom Hanks? Paul Newman? Why do liberals turn up their noses at obvious victories? Do they get something from losing, from suffering? We’d rather lose than have an actor. Fine, but meanwhile the Republicans will do whatever it takes.”

“The NRA is a radical, freaky group. They, like the Bush administration, are the extreme, even opposing ballistics fingerprinting. They’re lunatics. Forget about whether you’re liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican. What sane person would say no, there shouldn’t be ballistics fingerprinting? We shouldn’t be able to identify a sniper or an assassin or a murderer?”

“Women deciding if they want to have sex and not pay a price for it? That whips them into a frenzy, and religion becomes their solace. [134]The problem for the rest of us is that zealots vote, and 50 percent of the rest of the country doesn’t vote. Who else is left? The poor don’t vote as much as the rich do. Young people don’t vote as much as older people do. The ironic thing is that people who feel they don’t have power, and thus don’t vote, don’t have power—they give up their power to those who vote. The head of GM has the same number of votes as you or I. And there are more of us than there are of him. When we get that through our thick skulls it’s going to be a better country.”

“Only 1 million to 2 million people watch Fox News at any given time. Let’s not waste our time worrying about something as irrelevant as Fox News. If you have cable, it’s a great thing to tune in to for a laugh. It’s better than Comedy Central. O’Reilly is a cartoon. Neil Cavuto is all pompous sincerity. Ann Coulter’s trip is an act. She wants to be hated. It’s part of her charm.”

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