Meet Stephanie Arnott, the 58-year old woman who claims that her good looks cause men to cry in front of their spouses and who causes car accidents with her immense beauty. Oh, and she’s also a liar.

I’m all for a woman with confidence. If a lady thinks that she’s a ten, then she projects that and it shows. Confidence is absolutely hot, delusion is not. A recent appearance on This Morning pretty much cleared things up for the self-titled sexy grandmother. After claiming that men stop and stare at her constantly, and even have to take a double-take when she walks by, the host of the show showed a clip of her walking around outside without anyone so much as noticing her. She “didn’t know” what happened.

Stephanie also claims that she would have been a model if it weren’t for her darn sweet tooth, claiming “I should’ve been a Vogue model. I blew a modelling career. It was a serious sugar craving and I just couldn’t get out of it. Obviously when I was younger I was better looking. I didn’t realise that a lot of men were frightened of me then. I got a lot of attention and it created a lot of jealousy. I still do have a lot of attention wherever I go.”

How does her husband feel about all the attention his wife gets? “He loves the attention that I get. He loves it. They think he’s my minder and my chauffeur. He thinks it’s really funny. People are very surprised I’m a grandmother and once when I picked up my granddaughter from school someone was mumbling something like, ‘That can’t possibly be your grandmother.’”

Stephanie even recalls a time when her looks nearly caused a car accident, recalling “The last time I nearly caused an accident was 12 years ago with a friend. People take a double take. It’s quite overwhelming when you’re walking to your car. If you look sexy and wear nice clothes it puts men off their driving.”

Just to let you know that she isn’t totally full of herself, Stephanie reminded us that “I’m a very sympathetic person. It’s very important no to sound too obsessed or vain. If I was vain then I would’ve had a cog thread lift, would’ve had my teeth done before, I’m getting them done now.” Well, at least she isn’t vain.