Courtesy of [Flickr user Anthony Quintano](

Courtesy of Flickr user Anthony Quintano.

If you are looking for a police officer on New Year’s Eve, try checking New York’s Time Square. Around 6,000 officers will be on patrol for the annual ball drop.

The heightened police presence is in response to the recent terrorist attacks in Paris which were carried out by Islamic extremists tied to ISIS. Authorities fear the iconic New Year’s Eve celebration could be a prime target for a similar attack. According to AFP, images of Time Square appeared in recent ISIS propaganda videos.

But despite the lingering fear, authorities claim there are no known specific threats against the festivities.

“This is the best prepared city in this country to stop terrorism,” said New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. “And people should rest assured that they will be very well protected on New Year’s Eve.”

(Source: Yahoo! News/AFP)