On September 15, “The Taken King”, Destiny’s third major expansion, will arrive. While many fans are anxiously awaiting the arrival of new content, there may some who, like myself, were pretty apprehensive. As someone who put over 300 hours into the game, I grew tired of the monotony of it all. My time in the game eventually boiled down to repeating the same few activities over and over.

However, after looking into some of what “The Taken King” has to offer, I have newfound hope. If you gave up on Destiny like I did, then the upcoming expansion might just be for you. Not only does it give newcomers a great chance to get into the game, but it also gives veterans who may be fresh out of things to do a path back to getting excited about Destiny again. Below are some reasons why it’s time to get excited about Destiny all over again.

A lot of these images, by the way, are from Bungie’s “Taken King” livestreams, by which they’ve divulged tons of new info about the game. Check them out here.

An entirely new progression system
Prior to this update, players gained experience until level 20, and were then tasked to find armor through playing in order to increase what is known as your “light level”. For “The Taken King”, Bungie has decided to make levels and light two totally separate things. Instead of worrying solely about your light level, you can instead sit back and kill enemies and complete bounties in order to level your character up. Light will still be in the game, but will instead be the average of all of your gear and not your primary method of leveling up.

This will not only help players that are entirely new to the game in their ventures, but will also help veterans like myself jump right back into the fray without having to desperately search for the best weapons. For those who don’t want to bother leveling up at all, Bungie has revealed that there will be a method to skip ahead to be ready for the expansion as soon as you begin.

Brand new weapons, including SWORDS
As is the case with any new expansion, new weapons will be brought into the world of Destiny with “The Taken King.” To make things easier for some of the incoming players, Bungie has decided to leave some of the old weapons behind in a permanent “Year One” status. For those who have come to know and love certain weapons in the game, Bungie will still be updating some of the weapons, just not all of them.

But more importantly, that also means the edition of entirely new types of weapons, like the “Raze-Lighter” sword pictured above. Instead of shooting people, you’ll be able to run around and swing a gigantic, badass sword around. That’s worth coming back just by itself, really.

Streamlined quest organization
While the original bounty system in Destiny wasn’t exactly bad, it definitely could have used work. It took way too long to figure out what bounty you were tracking, and checking progress on them was a chore. In “The Taken King”, that all changes.

In the expansion, players will now have an entire menu dedicated to quests, which will consolidate all story missions, bounties, and other activities into one easy to find area. Not only is this a convenient method for keeping track of everything, but you can also turn in quests from this menu as well. Players will also finally be able to track progress of said quests while out in the game, not just in menus.

A focus on storytelling and characters
Those who have put lots of time into Destiny know that one of the weaker areas of the game is its story. While there is a ton of awesome lore poured into the game, none of it is really shown in the game itself or its writing. For a company like Bungie, that’s a shame, seeing as how they brought us the gigantic world of Halo, but it seems like they might be changing their ways with “The Taken King”.

In the upcoming expansion, story will be handled a bit more carefully than it has in the past. Not only will the people giving you the quest provide you with some more context as to why you’re actually doing something, but you’ll also hear from them what their stake in the mission is in order to give you some added encouragement. Along with some new stuff to play with, it seems like Bungie is giving special care to how they treat Destiny’s narrative.

A collector’s edition with serious value
If you’re a brand new warrior joining the ranks of Destiny or someone who is re-investing their time after stepping away, then you’re going to come back to a world of value. For the upcoming expansion, Bungie has decided to release “The Taken King” in a bundle, titled “The Taken King Collector’s Edition”, that includes not only the expansion, but the base Destiny game as well as the two other expansions that have been released for it.

While some veterans may have already bought the game and it’s DLC, many newcomers will find that they now have a ton of content to go through, which will help get them acclimated to the game as well as develop and hone their playstyle.

Much more inventory space
If you quit Destiny at some point in the last year, it might have been out of frustration over what little space you had for your guns and armor. While weapons and items were given out plentifully, you simply didn’t have enough room to keep them. Fortunately, that isn’t the case anymore!

Players will now find that the vault has pretty much doubled in size, allowing you to store a ton of extra goodies that you weren’t able to before. More bounties can now be taken as well; players are able to grab up to 16 with them as they go out into space. Not one of the biggest changes to the game, but a pretty great one nonetheless.

No more Peter Dinklage
Peter Dinklage stepped onto the Destiny scene as the voice of your companion, the Ghost. But what could have been a chance for a very talented actor to show off his chops in the voiceover field turned bad almost immediately, with players universally panning his lifeless work. But “Dinklebot”, as he came to be known across the Destiny community, was recently taken out of the game and replaced with a more experienced voice actor, the talented Nolan North.

Maybe this will only be applicable if you’ve played upwards of 300 hours of Destiny like me, but this is going to be a very welcome change. Here what the replacement sounds like in action here.

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