The Seattle police department has put out a holiday-themed video giving drivers helpful hints for dealing with police at a traffic stop.

  1. Pull to the right if you see flashing lights.
  2. Have your licence and registration ready.
  3. Don’t try to snort cocaine in front of an officer.

The 73-year-old man in this video really could have used that last bit of advice:

Seattle police officer Nic Abts-Olsen stopped the man last Tuesday because he was driving with his lights off. The officer was prepared to let him go with a warning because he had no prior traffic violations. But when Abts-Olsen returned to the car, things got weird:

The officer startled the man in the act when he returned to the car from checking the license and registration, causing him to spill the cocaine when the officer knocked on the window and startled him. The driver tried to claim he had vitamins, but later admitted it was cocaine.

The man was arrested and booked on possession of a narcotics. But he’s lucky he didn’t get a taser to the crotch just for being an idiot.

(Source: King 5 News)