Actor, singer, Dancing with the Stars contestant and internet folk hero David Hasselhoff hit Reddit on Friday for an AMA to promote his new single “True Survivor.” The questions spanned pretty much his entire career, and covered all the highlights you’d expect: Baywatch, Knight Rider, and that time he sang the Berlin Wall down.

But then things got a little weird, and the chat included everything from a remembrance of a Lean Pockets commercial to Hasselhoff finally addressing the internet’s theory that he’s the Antichrist.

Read the whole AMA HERE, and check out our favorite moments below.

On his super-weird Lean Pockets commercial
I think my favorite parody of myself was on a commercial for — oh my god — Lean Pockets. Look it up online. I played “Mr. Lean” for Lean Pockets. That’s…just…an absolutely…very crazy, messed-up, version of an asexual Hoff, who hassles people to stay lean by eating Lean Pockets. I think they took it off their air because it was so weird. Ha ha ha!

On blowing his Knight Rider audition
I auditioned. I blew the audition. I was seen on an airplane by Brandon Tartikoff, who was the head of NBC programming, and he personally called me in. The first audition I blew because I was nervous. And the second audition I programmed myself to see it, believe it, live it, and I lived by those words, and programmed myself into I’m here for a reason, and I believe that luck is being prepared for opportunity when it presents itself, and I came in to rock and roll — and I got it.

On whether he’s responsible for bringing down the Berlin Wall
No, I never said I felt I should get credit — I’ve always been misquoted, and I was only asked to sing above the Berlin Wall on New Year’s Eve because I asked if I could. I also went behind the Berlin Wall before the wall came down, and saw the horror of how people were living. I did a special for National Geographic that was quite accurate, quite moving, about people who escaped, who died, trying to escape — the last person died only 30 days before the wall came down. And I did find that they were signing my song “Living for Freedom.” I’ve talked to hundreds of East Berliners who said “It was a song about freedom, it was a song about hope — everybody else thought it was just a pop song in West Germany, but for us who lived in East Germany, it was a song that gave us hope.”

And that’s my connection.

It wasn’t as if i had anything to do with bringing down the wall. But I did have something to do with it by chance, through that song, and helping people retain hope.

And that was very important to them. That’s what they told me.

On seeing himself on *South Park*
YEAH! The first time I saw SOUTH PARK, our daughters came in saying “Dad! Dad! You’re on TV doing SOUTH PARK!"And then I watched it and listened to what they were actually saying and I was like "Oh my god!” I picked up the girls and took them to the other room - because I suddenly realized what they are saying was R-rated, and my daughters were too young at that point. They were I think 8 and 10 years old.

But I think SOUTH PARK is brilliant.

On the surprisingly touching connection between Baywatch and cancer research
My favorite episode was called “Charlie.” Also, there was one called “Come Fly With Me.” “Come Fly With Me” I directed, and it was my first and only directing job.

The most emotional show we did was a true story about “Charlie,” a boy who had cancer who came to live with the Baywatch crew, he spent his last 6 months on the set of Baywatch while UCLA did research trying to find the gene that caused his cancer.

And the great news is they DID find the gene that caused his cancer, and were able to identify it.

The bad news is that Charlie passed away, and we gave him a lifeguard burial.

So we recreated that scene, which happened in real life, on the show, played by another boy named Michael Cuccioni. And Michael and I became good friends, and his theme in life was “together, we can make a difference” and he fought his own cancer until he died a few years later.

They were amazing, inspirational children.

And their memories will always live on through Baywatch.

On the internet theory that he’s the Antichrist
When I first read that I was the Antichrist — that was the first time I realized there are some wacky, messed-up people on the internet who have nothing better to do than to sit there and smoke something they probably shouldn’t be smoking… and come up with crazy stuff like that.

I have to tell you that I did read the entire two pages of why I’m the AntiChrist. And at the end, I was actually doubting myself.

Because it was so good!

I have been called “the Antichrist” by several of my ex-wives though.

But I just think it’s funny that there are people in the world who have nothing better to do than to come up with that stuff.

So my answer to that is: get a life!

And then LOL - because it did make me laugh.

On the “original” KITT from *Knight Rider*
I have access to about 35 KITTs pretty much all over the world.

There’s a KITT car club, and I’m kind of the mentor of that. And I continually restore KITT cars for my own use. I just restored one and sold it for charity for a gentleman in Turkey.

The true story — and this IS the true story — there was never one original KITT car. It was made up of many different pieces. And if anyone says it’s an original KITT car, the sad part is it’s not true.

There have been cars that were driven by me, fantastic replicas, but most of the cars were stunt cars, and never actually one original.

The original dash and the original nose of the car is in a secret place.

And I can’t tell you where.

On the strangest autographs he’s ever given
I’ve been asked to autograph breasts, butts, chests where the next day they would come back with my autograph tattooed…I think the weirdest thing was having my face tattooed and revealed on a talk show in Spain on a guy’s right buttock.