We can all agree that teenage years are pretty trying and can be very difficult for lots of teens. It’s not often they get a chance to have their voices heard, especially by their parents who for some reason can’t find a way to relate to their children’s angst-filled years. Today is their lucky day. Peruse more squeaky voices on Reddit.

1. Trigonometry is Not Long Division You’re such a smart kid, why are you struggling now? Yes mom, I was a smart kid when I was learning middle school math. It gets gradually harder.

2. Gamers Union You can’t pause an online game.

3. Teen Lives Matter I understand that compared to you, I shouldn’t have any stress. But teen stress does exist. Maybe in the future I’ll learn how naive I was and how small my stresses now are, but right now, what I’m stressed about matters to me.

4. Billy is a Shithead, Trust Me Do not insist on comparing me to my friends. They do not act the same way in front of you as they might in their own home, and you have no clue how they act when they’re at home with their own parents.

5. Just a Teen Don’t make fun of our relationships.

Whenever they see me talking to a girl they always ask “Who’s your new girlfriend?” They always ask me after school “How’s your girlfriend doing?” Even when they know I’m not in a relationship or even right after a break up! I know they’re not doing it to be mean, but its little stuff like this that makes me hesitant to share my actual relationships with them. Just remember that this is sort of an awkward time for us, and relationships are no exception. I always try to take it in jest because I know they’re kidding, but other people might take it as an insult, or you pushing them to find a girlfriend/boyfriend when they’re not ready.

Also, just because I’ve been stressed or mopey doesn’t mean I’m gay! It just means I don’t feel like talking! I’ve had to explain twice to my parents that I am not a closeted homosexual.

6. Make Up Your Mind! Don’t stop me from hanging out with friends, and then later complain why I am always in my room and not outside enjoying life.

That’s just unfair.

7. Let Loose of the Reigns That admitting that you were wrong isn’t the end of the world.

8. The Oldest Trick in the Book My mom really needs to learn that if she wants me to talk to her openly about my life and not lie to her; she can’t freak out when I am honest with her. The few times I have confided in her when I was in a situation that I needed help with, she completely overreacted and made it a terrible experience for both of us. It stresses her out when I tell her about my life, and her stress makes me stressed. It’s better for both of us if I lie to her. I’ve got Reddit to help me figure shit out, anyways.

9. Warning: Spanktrovision Knock before entering.